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Today is a Little Too Precious by Shruthi Sharma

Book Blurb:

Sitting by the window and watching the various nuances of life, Shruti takes you through her thoughts, her hopes, dreams and fear. Every element of life like winds, leaves, flowers carefully drop in a silent message from the universe that she heeds to and asks the readers to carefully believe in themselves, their life choices and life’s ups and downs. Sometimes all it takes is to be positive and acknowledging the fact that life will not be same always and thus we must embrace it to our best, for today is a little too precious.

Genre: Fiction/Poetry

Pages: 55

Format: Kindle

Price: 65 INR/$1.30

My Ratings: 4.5/5

A delightful ride through the author’s mind and life story in poetic form, this is a must read for lovers of poetry, especially those who enjoy its abstract form.

What I liked about the book:

—> I’ve never read a poetry book which tells a story in verse form and fluidly flows from one poem to the other. This makes it the USP of the book and though different it still tends to be pleasantly enjoyable.
—> Each poem is full of epiphanies we can easily agree or relate to
—> As an introvert myself, most of the writing felt like I had written it
—> The author’s journey through life, her struggles and big and small successes , felt like they were my own ( because some of the incidents are so similar to my own life experiences)
—> The whole book can be finished in two days straight (in a day or few hours if you pick it up on a non working day) but still leaves behind an impression that will last a lifetime.

What I did not like about the book:
—> A more polished closure would have been better I feel

Quotable quotes :
—>”In this digital world, I was afraid of being so virtual, that I forget my personal endeavors that bring life to em I quickly picked up a diary.”
—> “I too am a victim of the fear of change”
—> “Fear a little, and succeed a little more!”
—> “Sometimes experiences build confidence and friendships Not necessary all are fulfilling But it’s the journey which matters And what you do today matters the most”
—> “Sometimes life gets you unexpected opportunities If we are able to spot it and take it on That’s the best way to mold ourselves”
—> “Memories, some good, some I didn’t want to go through But I embraced them as they gave me good life lessons”
—> “All of us have dreams, Dreams that we want to get to fruition But never had the time nor the chance But what if we stood by our dreams Help it blossom and grow without withering it?”
—>”Perfection in life is a myth, For life always has ups and downs, You are never dwindling in a specific movement”

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