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The Adventures of the JP Family: Humour Tidbits by Radhika Acharya

Book Blurb:

The Adventures of the JP family is an entertaining book with never a dull moment from start to finish. A complete laugh riot, this book is a collection of short stories with a mixture of incidents and anecdotes from everyday life as seen through the eyes of a contemporary middle class Indian family – The JP Family. From preparing for exams to competing with neighbours, from interviewing a maid to standing in queues and more, these 26 stand-alone stories are replete with witty dialogues, hilariously endearing characters and relatable events. The book is fast-paced and easy to read with perfect comic timing and will leave you asking for more.

Genre: Fiction/Humour/Anecdotal

Pages: 81

Format: Kindle

Price: 100 INR/$2.99

My Ratings: 5/5

I wish I could give this gem a 10/5 but I’ll make my peace with a 5/5. There was hardly a page in this delightful book that didn’t make me either laugh or smile. The antics of JPUncle and The Aunt are so much like my own parents that it felt like I was reading everyday chapters from my own life. Read this one to enjoy and appreciate the funny moments of a typical middle class family from India. I’m definitely looking forward to more works from the author.

What I liked about the book:
—> The sass of JPUncle and the way he laughs at his own jokes; simple adorable.
—> The tricks played by the sons and JPUncle to make The Aunt change her mind.
—> The Aunt’s dilemmas around the kitchen and wardrobe which ultimately put suffering on the other members of the house.

Quotable and chuckle worthy quotes:
—> The Aunt sometimes allows The Uncle to think he’s the head of the family!
—> JayPrakash Uncle’s face was displaying varying shades of Eastman colours.
—> “911.” promptly says Raghu. The Uncle wags his finger at him. “Too much Netflix and all uh! That number is not for India.”
—> The Uncle debated – should he or should he not go in? That was the question.
—> “Hyalopenhos indeed!!” he muttered. “Why write the ‘J’ when you don’t want to say it!!!”
—> “The Kanherias have got a new car. A big swanky one.” The Uncle grunted. “How did they manage to get one?” she wondered. The Uncle lowered the newspaper. “From the showroom like everyone else I imagine.”

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