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When You Believe That You Must Fight For What You Want ~ A Trainer & Co-Founder of A Startup Shares His Story

Fernando Flores says,

“Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great.”

In our #FridayFeature blog focusing on the #MarvelousMen segment, we bring to you a man, who similarly believes in bringing out the best potential in humans. Meet, Trainer and Public Speaker, Shridhar Waghmare.

He is the Co-founder of Dreamhunt India, a start-up firm which helps and guides people to tap-in to their skills and potentials and become the best version of themselves. How did Shridhar start this venture and what kind of struggles did he overcome at a personal and professional to become one of the most renowned trainers of the country? Let’s find out in his own words.


I was always extremely passionate about leadership and human potential development. Right from my early college days I was associated with a marketing business. Back then, I attended many sessions about success and fulfilment.

The more I attended and learned from these workshops and sessions, the more I felt that I this was my life’s calling and that I could do something similar as well. I knew I had the ability to help people realize their true potential. Hence, I started my venture Dreamhunt India with my partner, Manisha Bhati.

Our struggle wasn’t any different from other start-ups. Everyone who has been part of any kind of start-up, knows that the struggle is very real. Setting up a business without any prior knowledge was very tough. We made a lot of mistakes and there were quite a few errors in judgement as well.

Because of this our sales struggled. However, we ensured that we were making at least some profit. This wasn’t stable though. In order to sustain, I took a personal loan and my partner sold her gold to fund our venture as no bank was ready to finance a start-up. I still believe any start-up is always in a struggling phase, at least in the initial 5-8 years.

But now we have gathered momentum. Our business has picked up pace and after some time with our continuous efforts we were awarded by WOW magazine as the best training institute in Pune. But our real turning point came when we were awarded by ‘Yourstory’ media house as the best start-up in Education and Learning Category in MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) segment. That changed everything for us. We were recognized at a national level.  Since then, we have been featured in various magazines pan India. 

My motivation comes from a strong self- belief and solid confidence. Also having a partner like Manisha Bhati who is a walking motivational machine herself is an added plus.We have been graced with many prestigious awards like Best Training Institute, Best Start- up in Education and Learning category under MSME segment.We’ve been featured in prestigious Magazines like Yourstory, WoW publications and Femina. Dreamhunt India, myself and Manisha, have been felicitated by many other accolades as well.

Our aim is that we want to continuously a build solid company. We want to be known as transformational company and I personally want Dreamhunt India to get featured in magazines like, Success, Forbes, Inc and many more. Through our continuous efforts and our growth, we are on our way and I’m sure we will hit these milestones someday, if not sooner, then later, for sure.

In a business field where start-ups are popping up every now and then, hard work should be a norm because it is only this which helps sustain businesses. Also one must plan before taking any jump. In order to achieve success, remember to fight for what you want or get what you don’t want. I believe that Everything is a risk so just make sure you take big ones.

Don’t be afraid of failures, instead look at them as a learning step and think that embarrassment is empowerment. Just thinking and not doing never helps so don’t over analyse because we don’t have much time and taking quick action is the only way to keep going and growing.


To drop in a message to Shridhar’s via his business profiles of Dreamhunt India, or inquire about the services of Dreamhunt India, follow the links below:

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