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When You Love To Convey Your Feelings Through Writing ~ A Corporate Employee & An Author Shares His Story

Ernest Hemingway said,

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

In our #WisdomWednesday blog focusing on the #MarvelousMen segment, we bring to you a man who believes in this quote and implements it too. Besides doing a fulltime corporate job, he dabbles in writing, and has recently released his debut novella, Maybe Love, Maybe Not.

Meet, Santosh Vihari, who has a fulltime desk job and is also a writer and an artist. How did he into the field of writing and how does he manage time between these varied professions? Let’s find out in his own words.


“Hi, I am Santosh Vihari, a twenty-three-year-old guy from Hyderabad, India. I’m a commerce graduate and am currently working for a corporate. This is my profession, but I’m a writer by passion too. I write micro-fictional tales, quotes, and poems and I usually go by the pen name ‘being_sv’.

Through my writing, I love to convey my thoughts and feelings. I prefer tea over anything & coffee over tea while writing. I claim that all that I write is fiction and no story is my own. I was the co-author of the anthology titled ‘It All Started with You’. My upcoming works as a co-author include short stories anthology and three other poetry anthologies. My first and second micro-tale was published by ‘The Scribbled Stories’ on social media in the year 2018 as a fan post. Currently, I am a fan writer for ‘We Switched’ and ‘The Project Quote’. I also write on ‘Terribly Tiny Tales’, ‘YourQuote’, and a few other writing platforms.

Besides writing, I also love to draw some pencil sketches. This, however, is just a hobby, at least for now.

My work identity is based on two titles, that of a corporate employee and a self-published author. My love for the written word is what got me into the field of writing. I am a micro-fiction writer; I love to convey a lot in little. I have been a fan writer for some writing communities since a couple of years and thought of giving wings to this passion my venturing further through book publishing.

I won’t call me journey in writing as ‘struggles’, but I have learned a lot here. I have met some great people on social media. My debut book ‘#Maybe Love; Maybe Not!’ is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kind of a book, where I did everything on my own except the editing part. I learned designing, marketing, and promotional stuff while working on this. And there were times where I could not find time to complete this novella, but I pushed myself to do it and here we are. I’m proud that despite struggle for time, I did it all! I believe struggles are nothing but some new learnings.

My self-published debut book ‘#Maybe Love; Maybe Not!’ was definitely the turning point in my writing journey. The motivation for this and my regular writing came through engagement with like-minded writers and authors. I attended the Detailed Novel Writing workshop conducted by Author Devanshi Sharma, in which she made me write this beautiful novella.

However, this was not my first venture into writing. I in fact, started writing when I was 17. I started with one-liners. Slowly, I came to know about the Micro-fiction format and tried to pen down such, my first micro tale was published by ‘The Scribbled Stories’ as a fan post which crossed around 70k+ likes on social media. Later, I tried writing and started sending my writeups to communities like ‘WeSwitched’, ‘The Project Quote’ which got published on social media.

When I came to know about the spoken word poetry, I thought of giving that a try as well. I went to YourQuote Open Mic to present one of my poems in an open mic conducted in Bangalore, Here I was   given  a Lekakh spotted badge. For a newbie like me, that was a blissful and motivating moment. After this, I eventually came to know about Devanshi Sharma and we met at a workshop. She mentored me on how to write a novella and now it is out there in the world for everyone to read.

Besides this book, I have been a part of quite a few poetry Anthologies, the latest of which is ‘The Great Indian Anthology’ published by the Half Baked Beans.

As I am a Micro-Fictional writer, I have learned how to use words perfectly when writing.

My motto in life is,

“Some things are best left unsaid, which is why I write.”

The future plan is to continue writing and to learn and grow as I go.”


To follow Santosh’s written works, you can check out his social media pages below:

Santosh’s works featured on major platforms:

You can check out Santosh’s debut book Maybe Love, Maybe Not on Amazon

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