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The Itsy Bitsy Spyder (The Spyders #0.5) by Apeksha Rao

Book Blurb:

What do you do when your mother feels that you don’t trust her? If you’re Samira Joshi, and your mother is an elite spy who works for RAW, the first thing you do is … hide the knives. After that, you go straight to the therapist that she has chosen. For, when your mother knows seventeen different ways to kill a man, you don’t argue with her. Much.
Unless she’s trying to destroy your dreams. Then, you fight dirty. Like a spy. Samira is sweet, sassy, and almost seventeen. She dreams of becoming a badass spy like her parents.
And, why not? That’s exactly what her parents have trained her to be. So, why is her mother suddenly acting like a typical Indian mom and pushing her to be a doctor?
Samira can swear on her stack of covert operative manuals that it has something to with her mother’s last mission. Her therapist disagrees. She feels the key to the mystery lies in Samira’s childhood. Between her mother’s drama, a trouble-making grandmother, and a confused therapist, Samira’s life is spinning out of control. What’s a good spy to do when her dreams are in danger? This book is the prequel to Along Came A Spyder, the first book in The Spyder Series.

Genre: Fiction/Thriller

Pages: 68

Format: Kindle

Price: 49 INR/ $0.99

My ratings: 5/5

What an absolute delight this book was! I’ve hardly read a book with so much humour as well as excitement and thrill at every page. It’s usually either just mystery and no laughs or just light hearted humour and no thrilling moments; but this book gives both, and superbly so.

What I liked about the book:
—> The absolute sass and unabashed savageness of the teenage protagonist Samira.
— > Aaji ( Samira’s paternal grandma) is a such a delight too and not the typical aged mother-in -law or grandma.
—> The fact that it made me want me to want meet and at least spend a day or a few hours with each of the characters.
—> It created a perfect pre-setting for the author’s debut novel (Along Came A Spyder) for which this book is a prequel.

Laugh out loud and quotable quotes:
—> My mother wants to make me trust her, and yet, she tried to read my secret diary?
—> Dr Sen was like a Labrador when it wanted a cookie … relentless.
—> Now, apologise to Sir about your miserable existence … I mean, attendance.
—> The only time I could relax and enjoy a dining experience was if Aaji was with us because she had no patience for what she called my parents’ ‘James Bond drama’.
—> I wanted Samira to grow up on stories of women who refused to wait for a stupid prince to find them, especially since modern princes can barely find their own bums without GPS. I wanted her to grow up on stories of women who had tried to change the world so that one day she could go out and do exactly that.
—> I told you it was a bad idea to tell her all those bedtime stories about Noor Inayat Khan. What was wrong with plain Cinderella?
—> Oh yeah, my mother was a total disaster in the kitchen. She could burn water. Forget water. She could burn down a whole kitchen while making a simple omelette.
—> Life is never fair, Samira. What people actually mean when they say fair, is convenient. As long as you’re getting your way, life is fair. The minute it doesn’t, it’s not fair.
—> Our situation was ripe with the worst kind of parental hypocrisy: Do as I say, not as I do.
—> Honestly, what with the constant snorting, eye-rolling and unnatural knowledge of PUBG, sometimes it felt like she was the teenager and I was the mother.

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