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When You Strive To Learn New Things ~ The Founder Of A Designing Firm & Co-founder of Multiple Ventures Shares His Story

Richard Branson says,

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.”

True to these words by Mr. Branson we bring to you our #MondayMotivation blog. I have been featuring women into various businesses and independent professions on the #WonderWomen segment on my blog since the past one and a half year.

From today onwards, I will also be featuring men who have done the same under a new segment #MarvelousMen. Our very first feature on this segment, will talk about the story of Vaishal Desai. He is an Interior & Product Designer and is the founder and co-founder of multiple business ventures. His primary venture is the Ateliers Design Studio of which he is the director and founder. Ateliers is an architecture, interior and product designing firm which provides end-to-end designing solutions for home as well as workspaces.

Besides this, Vaishal is also the co-founder of Kraftbuzz and Urban Kaarigari. While Kraftbuzz is a lifestyle brand focusing on handcrafted footwear, bags, accessories, beauty care products and safety essentials; Urban Kaarigari offers customized architectural and interior products.

How did Vaishal get into such multiple and diverse fields of business and how does he manage them all? Let’s find out in his own words.


“Since my schooling, I had an inclination and liking towards good interior as well as architecture and design. Drawing was always my favourite subject even when I was in school. Following my instinct, I took up technical drawing as an optional subject in school and immediately I felt that excitement, which continues to spark even today.

By mid-2000’s, I had that option to choose and get into a professional course like interiors and architecture. This field started getting an acceptance and recognition in India, hence I got the opportunity to follow my passion and enhance my skills. Getting the support of my family in letting me choose this field and pursue a degree herein was of course an added advantage too.

As for the challenges, well, interior designing as profession in itself has always been challenging and getting accepted as a professional in a genre like interiors is really a difficult task. In our country people don’t value a professional designer as they feel that designing is just pressing a few keys on the keyboard and it’s a quite an easy job. This made it difficult to get assignments, especially since I was a newbie. Gradually with time, things have changed and the future for this industry is now looking bright.

Though things are steady today, I remember when we had to things run post to post and struggle to make ends meet with earning as low as just 30k for the entire year.

Luckily, I had my family on my side who never forced me to quit. At occasions, I did get to hear that I could have done better if I had chosen a different field other than interiors. But this was out of the sheer care that my parents had for me.

I can say that it is because of this support that I have been able to sustain myself and expand my portfolio with multiple ventures. Though this is a proud worthy and gratifying feat, I maintain that I’m just trying to make a small name in the industry.

The turning point was between the years 2010 to 2013. Initially we were 4 partners at Ateliers and things didn’t fall into place in terms of work, so we mutually decided to part ways and keep our friendship intact.

Gradually I restarted Ateliers and things started to look better by 2015. My wife, Vidhi Parekh, came into the picture, and both of us settled down in Mumbai. Combined with her skills and passion, I got the backbone and support I had needed, on the business front as well as at home. Thanks to our combined efforts, we were able to take up more work.

Kraftbuzz came to fruition because of her vision and passion for footwear. I am the business face whereas she is the creative face for it. In fact, for all my ventures, I rely on her for the creative inputs. Together, we make partners in the true sense, making business as well as home, a place to thrive and grow.

Maybe I can sound too dramatic, but I am always eager to learn new things and tend to experiment with new stuff, and this keeps me highly self-motivated.

The journey has just begun, but the milestone has been setting up two separate firms (Ateliers and Kraftbuzz) along with good inventory and machinery setup and even decent logistics in place.

The future plan is to diversify my portfolio even further and to encourage like-minded artists to come onboard with us and help them grow as well.  

My biggest learning has been that

“Persistence is the key, and for things to fall in place, we need to believe in ourselves.”

I haven’t achieved a lot to boast about much, but all I can say is that, “We need to believe in our abilities and things will take shape for sure.”

My simple motto and belief is that,

“God is the sculptor and we are the clay; alongside his blessings and with our efforts as well as our abilities, we are being shaped every moment.”


To drop in a message to Vaishal, check out or inquire about his business-related services, please follow the links below:

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