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Three nights & Four days – A Romantic Comedy by Shilpa Jain

Book Blurb:

Anil and his twelve-year-old daughter Tisha invite recently divorced Sara and her twelve-year-old daughter Pari to a three-nights-and-four-days vacation at a resort in Bandhavgarh National Park. Anil, a divorcee himself, plans to propose Sara at the end of this vacation.
Pari, who is still getting over her mother’s divorce is unable to accept Anil and Tisha in her life. So, she invites Jai, her ex stepfather to join them at the resort. Jai, arrives at the resort accompanied by his young colleague, Binata, who has been hitting on him for a while.
The situation turns complicated and hilarious when Pari and Tisha try to control the course of their parents’ love story. Will Sara accept Anil’s proposal or will Pari succeed in rekindling her parents’ love for each other?

Genre: Fiction/Romance

Pages: 153

Format: Kindle

Price: 99 INR/$2.99

My Ratings: 5/5

Feel good plus fun (and funny) story

What an absolutely unexpected delight this book turned out to be! When it caught my interest I thought ( based on the title and cover ) that it would be a romantic getaway story of a couple but boy I was so wrong! Read this for the sheer joy, laugh out loud moments, and smiles it dishes out at almost every page.

What I liked about the book:

—> The brilliant idea of telling the story in the first person narrative of a ten-year-old. 10/10 for that.

—> Pari’s absolutely adorable maturity as well as dry sense of humour.

—> I could easily imagine the story as a movie which is a testament to the author’s great narrative and writing style.

—> Loved all the female characters, including Binata who surprisingly turns out to be the smartest of the lot, despite coming off a vamp and gold digger initially.

Quotable and chuckle worthy quotes:

—> I may have bragged a bit about my cuteness here, but as the narrator of this story, I think I should be allowed that much privilege.

—> Any time spent with your loved ones is always fun.

—> Silence between two people need not always be awkward. Sometimes, it is beautiful.

—> It’s amazing that people who really love us convey so much without the use of any words. And the ones who don’t really care may say so many words, yet mean nothing.

—> Time and again, it has been proved that jealousy in small doses is healthy.

—> “Well, a girl would want a good friend with a good sense of humour in a good human being,”

“So much good? That sounds boring,”

—> There is no fun in fighting over something when your opponent doesn’t want it.

—> “You are unbelievable!” “

“Thank you”

“That wasn’t a compliment.”

—> “Life teaches you a lot of lessons”

“And is your life called You tube?”

—> “I didn’t think mama was serious. I thought it was like a rebound romance.” “Rebound what?”

“The romance that one takes up after a break-up.”

“I know what rebound romance is. I’m wondering if you should be knowing it at nine.”

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