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Thank God I’m Fired by Sandeep Pawar

Book Blurb:

What do you do when you think you are trapped in the wrong job? Leave the job and do what you love. Simple, isn’t it? But what if you neither have the guts to leave the job nor know what you love to do? Complicated, isn’t it? Meet Raghav, who like millions of other software professionals, is stuck in a similar situation. But don’t worry, his destiny has better plans for him. What plans you may ask? Well, getting him fired. This novella takes you on a light-hearted tour of the contemporary software industry where you can ask the haunting question loudly- is getting sacked a blessing in disguise?

Genre: Fiction/Corporate Humour

Pages: 105

Format: Kindle/Paperback


  • Kindle: 49 INR/$0.99
  • Paperback: 180 INR/ $4.99

My Ratings: 4.5/5

A humorous take on the corporate life. I completed the book in two days straight and it left behind an aftertaste of fulfilment and understanding. For those with 9-5 jobs, irrespective of whether you love or hate your job, this is a must read.

What I liked about the book :

—>The many witty one liners.
—>The cute and subtle love angle.
—> The title makes sense in the end and it’s not what we initially think.
—>Gives so many wonderful insights, not just about work, but about life in general.
—> The whole process of the protagonist figuring out where his interest lies; which again teaches us to focus on things which bring us true happiness
—>The bosses name ‘Harish’ reminded me of this 90s advertisement where the boss was named Hari. It was and is one of my favourite ads till date. So, a thanks to the author for that nostalgia ride back to my childhood and three cheers to him if that naming was intentionally done as a reference to that ad.

What I didn’t like about the book:
—> Tends to be preachy and going around in circles at some points.
—>The protagonist talks to too many characters about his problem, which becomes a bit confusing.
—> SPOILER ALERT: Who was the guy the protagonist was talking to at the beginning of the book? I thought it would end in the first person narrative of that guy because that’s how the book begins.

QUOTABLE and FUNNY quotes:
—> People stuck in traffic jams tend to talk with other stuck souls to bash the traffic together and vent out their frustration. So in a way, traffic jams are letting people come closer- both by bodies and most importantly by hearts.
—> I like stranger talks. It is my hobby. It is even mentioned in my resume.
—> Like any other HR emails, employees don’t hesitate to ignore it and trash it as soon as it pops up. But as I’m unique, I read it.
—> I am not sure why they name meeting rooms with such fancy names which no one understands or can correctly pronounce.
—> Neither she nor I meant any good morning to each other. But, corporate etiquette.
—> Everyone must be struggling with their unique set of problems, I thought. And for them, theirs is the biggest problem.
—> The best way to not lose an argument is, well, never involve in one.
—> When you know there are more people suffering the same problem as yours, you feel better.
—> That’s how the mind works- it fails miserably when it’s needed the most; otherwise, it throws ideas every now and then voluntarily.
—> Sometimes, I wonder why good news comes at incorrect times.
—> Maybe, you want someone else to come and make the decision for you, and later, if that doesn’t work out, you can blame them for your failure. That is not fine.
—> But that’s what memories do; they haunt you the more you try to turn a blind eye to them.
—> Why is making ourselves happy not considered a job that we all shall serve on priority? 

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