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Humorously Yours ! : Tales From The Gymkhana by Amitabh D Sarwate

Book Blurb:

‘Galtee se mistake ho gaya’ of elephantine proportions! An arranged marriage mission with an unpredictable twist! A tennis legend to the rescue! Moo shades of characters trapped in a city Square! An overweight genius makes a big Splash! A royal clash between two false kings! Grab a drink, a plate of tikkas and relax in your lounge chair. Let Barkhurdar, legendary raconteur-in-residence of the Deccan Gymkhana club, regale you with real-life stories that will have you in splits! inspired by the Wodehouse character Mr. Mulliner, humorously yours offers a kaleidoscope on our modern life that’s as true as it’s filmy!.

Genre: Fiction/Satirical+Anecdotal Humour

Pages: 134

Format: Kindle/Paperback


  • Paperback: 180 INR/$7.00
  • Kindle: 180 INR/ $2.99

My Ratings: 5/5

In the past few months, I have rarely given a 5 star rating to any of the books I’ve read, but this one deserves it hands-down. The satirical and relatable humour in this book give you ample chuckle worthy and laugh-out-loud moments, making this a recommended read for people of all ages, and lovers of all genres.

What I liked about this book:
–> The fact that all the characters are people we either know or have heard about.
–> It made me want a Barkhurdar type friend in my life. His character is so colorful and his tactics plus his storytelling skills make him an instant favorite as well as completely worthy of being the protagonist (despite having no typical hero type physical attributes, which makes him all the more relatable and endearing)
–> Each chapter throws light on our thinking and actions as a society, and questions it too, without making it obvious.
–> It helped build up some vocabulary (words like raconteur, sartorial, onerous, nubile, akimbo, etc, were new for me)
–> My favorite chapter/story is Swami’s Padukas, because I too am dubious about the whole concept of faith and the source of faith. This story helped me understand it a little better.

Quotable and chuckle worthy quotes:
–>If God wants all of us to realize him, why will he make things so difficult?
–>I am sure your effort will win you an empty chair in heaven.
–>It’s the question that’s often more intriguing than the answer because good questions often come from a deep place.
–>Please spare me the big words. They are better left to the pages of a dictionary.
–>Like every respectable traffic constable, he carries a pot belly that’s as much a part of his uniform as his leather belt that clumsily checks the descent of his pants.
–>Attempting to convince a naked man oblivious to his nakedness to cover himself up is like convincing and Indian not to steal free packets of ketchup from a fast food place.
–>They say think global, act local. In elections, you think local, act local.
–>To beat a crook, you cannot go by the book. You must beat a crook by hook or by crook.
–> If a little lie accomplishes something big than it’s better than a truth that accomplishes nothing.
–> It has to take some genius to attach a plausible but utterly false story to another plausible yet utterly false story.
–>An Indian can leave des but desi-giri can’t leave an Indian.

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