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Anand Nilakantan Comments on The Untold Stories

A few days, back I received this mail from my publisher Ukiyoto Publishing.

mail screenshot
Screenshot of mail from Ukiyoto Publishing

My book The Untold Stories has been called ‘a fine slice of life’ by Anand Neelakantan (writer of books like Sivagami and Asura, which are the prequels to the blockbuster Baahubali)

Wikipedia link to Anand Neelakantan’s works and achievements:

His comments will be a part of the new edition of The Untold Stories and this is what the cover will look like.

Cover_the untold stories_eBook
Cover of the new edition of The Untold Stories with Anand Neelakantan’s comments

For a newbie writer like me, this is proud worthy and overwhelming. Thank you for helping me reach this stage. Do keep supporting 🙏

If you haven’t already read it and would like to check it out, it is currently available at 15% discount. Simply apply code RAKHI15 on link below 👇🏻

Ukiyoto website TUS
Click here and enter code RAKHI15 to buy the book at a discounted price 

You can also check it out on Amazon 👇🏻

Please do recommend this much loved book to the book lovers in your circle. You could also gift it to your close ones who are book lovers. 🌟📙💕

Here are all the buying links of The Untold Stories


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