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When You Focus on Improving Yourself Everyday ~ A Blogger & An Independent Artist Shares Her Story

Marc Chagall said,

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works: if from the head, almost nothing.”


In today’s #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment we bring to you a woman who dabs in multiple works of creation and does it all from the heart. Meet, Amrita Ghosh, an Ex-Digital Marketer and currently a Blogger and an Independent Artist. She runs a blog by the name of Weekend Trivia and humbly admits that she is no professional artist, while insisting on being referred to as a Struggling/ Learning/ Exploring Artist who is trying to learn more about this wonderful field and grow every day. What made her jump from digital marketing to blogging and artistry, and how does she manage time between these two creative fields alongside her personal responsibilities? Let’s find out in her own words.



Ever since childhood I have had an inclination towards the finer skills in life. I never had any vocational training in arts but have always practiced different forms of artworks in my own way. My parents never discouraged me for it for which I am grateful. Then life happened and I moved cities for higher education, job etc.


Once I got married, the daily pressure of maintaining the balance between work and life somehow shelved the artist inside me for quite a few years. Then we moved to Canada and I decided to take a break from my hectic schedule and breathe.


I started drawing randomly and posting these artworks on Instagram leisurely while exploring a new country and geography. Slowly, I discovered a wonderful community of artists who dedicated their page only to showcase their artworks. I felt excited and decided to give it a shot. Thus, taking a leap of faith, I started drawing regularly.


I am into acrylics, watercolors, gouache, mandalas, zentangles, quilling etc. I enjoy doing a lot of pen artworks. So, you can call me a Mixed Media artist. I have been doing it for the past one year and hopefully, I won’t look back from this. It is a constant learning process and I am enjoying every bit of it.


I don’t know what to call a struggle. I call myself a learner who is trying to build a profile as an artist. I have miles to go before I sleep. But still I would say that for someone just starting off their career in art, it takes a long time to get noticed. There are of course many platforms where you can showcase your work, but whatever it might be, there is overcrowding. So I would say, the greatest struggle is to monetize one’s artwork and get their art noticed. A lot of effort goes into PR.


A page called @99DaysofSketching on Instagram started a challenge of drawing straight for 99 days in 2019. That I consider to be my turning point because it got me to revive my art and get into a regular habit of drawing. Also quitting my job and moving countries helped me somehow focus on my love for art. For the major part I am self-motivated. I find inspiration from my surroundings, nature, current affairs etc. I would like to specially thank my husband, for supporting me in every situation with his best. Most of my achievements and personal growth wouldn’t have been possible without him.


The journey so far has been surprisingly and pleasantly good. I am not fiercely competitive. I don’t believe in any rat race. Everyone grows at their own pace. My art has been appreciated, I have won a few art contests and have been featured on multiple platforms for my artworks. I have made good friends in the community. All these make me feel extremely blessed. I don’t plan too much for the future because I’m happy with whatever is happening. Along with running an art page and drawing regularly, I run a WordPress blog with my cousin. This blog is called Weekend Trivia and we have been running it for over two years. From then till now, it has grown significantly.


I am also greatly fascinated by makeup and beauty and think it is a great form of art too. Hence I also practice makeup skills from time to time on my personal account – @amritac.ghosh. I am a huge crazy big Potterhead. One thing which has remained constant with me throughout my life is reading books. I read a lot and whatever happens, that is one thing which I would never like to change.


In my journey as an artist and blogger, I have come across some very inspiring individuals who have helped me in my professional and personal growth. Though I have not met them personally (at least not yet), here’ s a shoutout to these people whom I find to be very motivational and inspirational.


My biggest learning has been about the virtual world we rely so much on these days. So, my advice to all social media fans and addicts is,

“Don’t take things too personally on Social media or don’t get attached too much. Social media is a virtual world and it’s better to stick to reality.”

I would strongly say that,


“Believe in organic growth because only that will stick in the long run and focus only on improving yourself every day.”



To drop in a message to Amrita, to check out her blog+ blog posts, or her artworks and to inquire about her commissioned services in both these creative fields, follow the links below:



Features & Mentions

Other personal and professional social media handles




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