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No Witnesses

Presenting the trailer to the seventh story titled ‘No Witnesses’ from my upcoming book.


Here’s a little blurb of this story:

On his son Abhay’s 18th birthday, Sumit recalls the day Abhay came into his life. As a single father, raising Abhay hasn’t been easy, but the most difficult part for him was holding on to a secret nobody knows about; a secret that could change both his and Abhay’s life forever. He considers Abhay to be a grown-up now and thinks that he would be able to handle the truth. But at the same time, Sumit is also afraid of losing Abhay forever. What is this secret and will Sumit reveal it to Abhay? And, how will Abhay take it?

Before releasing the trailer, I did a fun ‘Guess The Title’ game on my social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). Have a look at the post below.


I will be doing such a ‘Guess the Title’ post with the remaining one story in my upcoming book (total 8 short stories, out of which seven titles and their trailers have already been revealed)

Come, engage in the fun! The next post will be going up at 5 pm IST on 14th July. Consecutively, the trailer of the next title will also be released at midnight of 15th July.

You can follow the next exciting similar games and updates around my upcoming book through below links to my social media handles.

You can check out the trailers of the other stories below:

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