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Warned in Love

Presenting the trailer to the first story titled ‘Warned in Love’ from my upcoming book.


The girl in the trailer is Khushi Chauhan (a talented artist and photographer)


And, here’s a little blurb around the story:

“Aashna receives a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night. The caller is a girl who says she has been kidnapped and will die if Aashna doesn’t help her. Before Aashna can get details about the girl and her whereabouts, the phone gets cut off. Who was she and why did her voice sound eerily familiar? Will Aashna be able to help her?”

Before releasing the trailer, I did a fun ‘Guess The Title’ game on my social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). Have a look at the post below.

a_rustic_mind_106730077_626344341649952_3008432449347416044_n (1)
Check out the post on my Insta handle


I will be doing such a ‘Guess the Title’ post with all the eight stories in my upcoming book. Come, engage in the fun! The next post will be going up at 5pm IST on 3rd July. Consecutively, the trailer of the next title will also be released at midnight of 4th July.

You can follow the next exciting similar games and updates around my upcoming book through below links to my social media handles.



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