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When You Believe in Breaking Traditions, Myths & Stereotypes ~ A Home Decor Enthusiast Shares Her Story

Connor Franta, says,

“Girls can be athletic. Guys can have feelings. Girls can be smart. Guys can be creative. And vice versa. Gender is specific only to your reproductive organs (and sometimes not even to those), not your interest, likes, dislikes, goals, and ambitions.”

In our #WisdomWednesday blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we bring to you a woman who believes in breaking conventions and definitions when it comes to personal as well as professional life choices. Meet, Eram Khan, who is a Home Décor Enthusiast, and the Founder of Girl with Bindiya. But, her foray into this field is quite unconventional, just like her other pickings. With a strong academic record and someone who can be termed as a ‘science nerd’, hardly anyone would have thought that somebody like her would get into the field of home décor and interior decoration. So, what led to such a 360 turn and how does she keep herself motivated to continue in a field which is so different from her educational background? Let’s find out in her own words.



I was fascinated by the Late Kalpana Chawla since childhood and wanted to become just like her. This led to my interest in Astronomy. No one in our family or from our social circle had studied this subject ever. Even my parents were not that convinced or willing for me to continue in this field. Being a Muslim girl further added to my difficulties in engagement into this. But I relented, nonetheless.


My biggest milestone was getting admission into ISRO. There wasn’t much support from my parents, but I made it into the institute as the only girl and one of only two people from entire India (the other person was a boy from Chennai) to get selected for pursuing the course of Post Graduate Diploma in Space and Atmospheric Science in ISRO.

After the course got completed, I had further plans to pursue a Ph.D. too but I had to let of this opportunity because my mom insisted that I spend time with the family. You see, I was to get married soon and they wanted me to stay with them as much as possible before I stepped into this new phase of life.


I am a very simple person who finds happiness in the smallest of things happening around me; seeing a beautiful flower or a colourful butterfly excites me, even if a small sparrow comes and chirrups peacefully in our balcony it makes me content and blissful. And that’s when it struck me that surroundings and the environment in which we live are what makes our moments memorable. After my marriage, I become a content homemaker, who was happy doing just this, making my surrounding and my home beautiful. I generally started buying random stuff for my home and making my house a ‘Home Sweet Home’ in the true sense. Then the lockdown came, and I started to get bored at home. It was during this time that my husband advised me to start a page for my home decoration ideas, which inspired me to share this hobby and interest of home décor and interior decorations, with likeminded people through Instagram.


I love gardening, bonsai, and all kind of flora. I also believe in modern yet eclectic living which fuelled my hobby of interior decoration. This prospect of sharing my love and ideas excited me, and thus Girl With Bindiya came to be. You might feel it’s an interesting name, and yes there’s a purpose, meaning and story behind that as well. The ‘Bindiya’ in the name is because I love wearing bindi. However, the twist here is related to me breaking a norm. You see, wearing a bindi is not allowed in my religion but I do it anyway because I love it. Hence, the name ‘Girl with Bindiya’ was given to my new venture, which defines my personality as well as my rebellious kind of nature.  


Apart from Kalpana Chawla, there are few others who motivate me. From the people around me, I’m most influenced by my mom. Seeing her practice the same everyday schedule with dedicated meticulousness and discipline inspires me. My father’s commitment towards his work and my husband’s attitude of always being Mr. Cool also play a daily motivational role in my daily life.


I am passionate about any kind of plants. I do own a whole bunch of them and they’re not just a décor ornament; for me they’re babies and I treat them as part of my family, so yes, I’m a possessive and proud plant momma. My home décor journey has just begun but I’m looking forward to learning, exploring and growing in it. The skill and attachment here aren’t just a coincidence I believe, because my amma and nani are into it too and I guess its just in my genes.

I had to refuse the biggest opportunity of my life when I let go of my Ph. D but that has now led me into another field which I’m passionate about. So, my journey has truly taught me that though sometimes things don’t happen the way we want or plan, in the end finding inner peace is what you need the most.


I am a breaking the norms kind of person. I have always loved to break old traditions, or stereotypical thinking, which I believe restricts us or causes unhappiness. First, I broke myth by studying space physics despite coming from a Muslim community. Secondly, I was the first in my family to marry a South Indian guy. Third I have proved that being confined in ‘char diwari’ or the four walls of a house can also you make you popular and successful.


My husband and I are from different backgrounds. He loves Telugu movies, I love Hindi movies. He loves dosa. I love paratha, but we’re still together and it is love that binds us. We belong to different communities and states, had to fight with our families and the society to be together, but what matters is that we are together now and we are happy about our decision.


Through all my professional and personal life choices, my learning has been that you should,

Never let yourself feel you are not worthy of anything. We are all born unique and have individual talents.”



And also,


“The success rate for every human being is not the same. It comes to everyone but at the right time, not before, not after, and definitely not when you desire for it to come.”



To drop a message to Eram, check out her gorgeous feed on home décor and interior designing tips and ideas as well as products, follow the links below:

Eram’s work in the home décor and interior decoration field has been acknowledged and featured on quite a few platforms. You can have a look at these through the below links:

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