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When Art Makes You Forget All The Sorrows ~ A Handmade Gifts Expert and Artist Shares Her Story

David Bayles, says,

“For the artisan, craft is an end in itself. For you, the artist, craft is the vehicle for expressing your vision. Craft is the visible edge of art.”


In our #WednesdayWidsom blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment we bring to you a woman who uses her love for creativity and arts in a similar manner to express her vision. Meet, Preethika Naresh, a self-taught artist who quit her job in an oil sector company to pursue her passion for the arts. She is the founder of a creative venture by the name of Preethish Creations via which she does all kinds of art works like acrylic painting, water colour painting, bottle painting, alcohol ink art, and with a specialisation in decoupage art. What made her take this plunge from quitting a corporate job to becoming a self-employed artist and how does she keep herself motivated to continue in this profession? Let’s find out in her own words.



“Hello, I’m Mrs Preethika Naresh from Chennai. I’m a self-taught artist, running a brand called Preethish Creations. I am a B.Tech graduate. After completing petroleum engineering, I worked with an oil sector company for two years. Alongside this job, I started this brand in the year 2014. My husband was the one who asked me to start this since he loves my handcrafted works. Initially I started to gift my friends and relatives with my handmade gifts. Many of them encouraged me and told me that loved my crafts and even asked me why I didn’t start a business around it.

Right from my childhood days I had loved to do crafting works. In our school they gave equal importance to extracurricular activities and may be that was the driving force which made me passionate about what I love. During each summer holidays, I used to attend lot of art and craft classes. I was born and brought up in BHEL township where we had lot of clubs for showcasing our talents. They often use to conduct various art competitions and I use to bag the first prize all the time.


That’s how I got to know my special interest in art and crafts. My dad wanted me to shine in the sector of oil field. He wanted me to apply for government exams and become a Central government employee just like him. But I have chosen my hobby as a profession now.

Since I’m a mother to a 4-year old son, in my initial motherhood days I was not able to concentrate fully on my art and craft work.But now even my son has started supporting me in all the ways that he can. He encourages me to create all these handmade gifts and appreciates me for the each and every project or order I undertake and complete.


The turning point of my life was when I lost my father. That was when I realised that I should do something for him because each and every time he met me, he talked about my career and voiced out his wish that he wanted me to continue my job. It has been 2.5yrs since I lost him. He battled bravely against brain cancer for a year and seeing him made more resilient about loving my work and putting my whole heart into whatever I did.


He used to tell me often to look after my life and say, “You can do wonders, Preethika as you have special talents. So, identify and nourish those talents, and shine in whatever field you like.” My only regret at this point is that he is no more here to see my achievements now. I’m sure I would have made him proud now and would have been the happiest person to see each of my achievement.


People approach me for creating all kinds of handmade return gifts which only makes me believe that I’m going in the right direction. I do all kind of artworks like acrylic painting, water colour painting, bottle painting and alcohol ink art. I have a special interest in decoupage art which is a 16th century French artwork. I also love to do sospeso trasparente work. I have learnt all of these artforms on my own. For honing and fine-tuning a few of these, I attended advance courses which have helped me learn so much more about art and creativity, making me a better artist.


In the past one year I have conducted a lot of decoupage workshops in Chennai. I also conducted Soft Pastels workshop in IIT Madras Saarang 2020 with the help of NGM Academy. This was one of my major breakthroughs in this field.


According to me,

“Art and craft is something which helps you to find your inner peace; it makes you stress free.”

For me, I could say it’s a form of meditation. Whenever I feel upset or lonely, I start thinking about what artwork I can do to divert from those worries. And, believe me, it really works well, every single time.


In a matter of just a few minutes, I forget all the sorrows and my mind gets refreshed.

“I 100% believe that women are more creative than men. Most girls love to do art and craft works and each and every girl has a special talent inside her.”



All that we need to do is,

“Analyse which field you are good in and take steps towards how to bring out your talents and creativity in that field. “




To drop in a message to Preethika, have a look at her wonderful art and craft work, to inquire and place an order for one of her art pieces, or to participate in one of upcoming online or offline workshops, follow the links below:


Preethika’s artwork and creative undertakings have been featured on many online platforms. Have a look at these below:

Other personal and professional social media handles:


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