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When You Consider Your Skills As A Gift That Needs To Be Shared With The World ~ The Founder of A Content Marketing Agency & An Author Shares Her Journey

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In our #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment we bring to you a woman who dons multiple professional titles and excels in them all. Meet, Proma Nautiyal, who is a Content Writer and Strategist, Marketer, Author, Language Instructor, Board Member of a Reputed School and an Entrepreneur too. Proma is the founder and owner of DigiWitch, a content Marketing agency, a Language Instructor at We Speak English, a Board Member at Bhagwati Memorial Public School and the author of an anthology book Zista, in which one of her short stories got published. What gives her the motivation to pursue these varied professions and how does she manage time between all these alongside her motherly duties and responsibilities? Let’s find out in her own words.



An MBA in Finance & Marketing and a finance student all through my life, I never thought I would end up in the creative space. Crunching numbers and conducting fundamental analysis gave me so much joy, yet I always felt that something’s missing. Soon after joining my first job as a U.S. Tax Consultant, I realized that my heart was yearning to express myself in a creative manner.


I quit my job and I tried my hand at painting, blogging, crafts, & interior decoration, and finally, I got my first break in the creative field as a PR executive. That got me started on my creative journey. I wrote extensively, for my clients and myself. I have been writing for close to a decade now and slowly started integrating my skills as an MBA, marketer, and writer to give form to my first venture, DigiWitch, which I founded on August 15, 2016. 


Turning struggles into opportunities is something that I would call my strength. I always saw that I needed to work extra hard to achieve the same or better results as my peers. Frequent career breaks due to various circumstances made it difficult for me to stay rooted to any job. I would move on just when I was about to be promoted. But every time this happened, I used that downtime to add a skillset. I still do that.


And after every downtime, I come back with a new skill, which enriches me and my portfolio further, and in a way enriches my family, friends, and of course, my clients.


The birth of my son marked the turning point of my career. From the moment I had him, I knew that he is now my priority. But I had always treated my work as my child, too. It was time to make a decision. I chose both. You can’t differentiate between your children, you nurture both. 


You can’t nurture a job though. No matter how much you love it, it will always be someone else’s baby, and they will never let you take full-on care of their kid, which does make sense. It was then, 4 months after my son was born, I founded DigiWitch, my own venture, my own baby. 


I feel lucky that I figured out my passion at the very beginning of my career. I identified my skill sets (marketing over finance, ironically), and kept honing it, every passing day. My motivation is to use my skills to help more people like me, business owners, who want to get their word out and make their own mark in the world.


I feel motivated to help express their thoughts in their words to the world. Not being able to get your idea across to your audience should never be a challenge in any business owner’s journey, as that could stop their business from even taking off. I consider my skills a gift that I need to share with the world.


I have learnt through a variety of experiences in my life. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. I have lived, traveled widely across the world, met people from various countries and cultures, experienced love, witnessed havoc, and even started writing books. All this has helped me immensely as the empathetic marketer I market myself as.


Future plans and milestones, thus include:

  1. Publishing a couple of books which are still half written
  2. Expanding my business by building a happy clientele

 Some of the learnings in my personal and professional experiences have been,


“Never underestimate your self-worth”


“Stand your ground and believe in yourself”


When you stagger or fail,

“Believe in the universe, it always has a plan. And most of the time, its plans are bigger and more impactful than yours, so be flexible and open.”

To keep growing you must,

“Do what you do with love and expect nothing out of it. This will always enrich your quality of work.”



To drop in a message to Proma, check out her works as a digital marketer, hire her writing services for your business or work, and to check her published work (book) as an author follow the links below:

Link to Proma’s book (an anthology of three short stories in which one of her short stories got published)

Other personal and professional social media handles









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