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#WritingInLockdown Challenge 4.0

The fourth and final phase of a nationwide lockdown for India ended on 31st May, 2020. In this final leg, I went on with the #WritingInLockdown challenge and did #CollaborativeWriting along with some writers, artists and a few entrepreneurs.

This one is a mix of quotes, life-lessons and poems. Have a look at them all below:

1. Self-Discovery in Lockdown


The first one on our #WritingInLockdown challenge 4.0 in collaboration with Vidhi Parekh, Founder of Kraftbuzz and and Co-founder of Ateliers Studio.
Her story helps us look at the positive side of this lockdown. She has been engaging in long lost hobbies and activities she would never have got to do otherwise, like recreating her mom’s looks, painting, trying out new recipes and even reading. She says it’s the best time for her as she’s getting to discover or rather rediscover herself.

2. Keeping Family and Loved Ones Close


In our second collaborative writing post for the #WritingInLockdown challenge 4.0 in Dr. Ritulika, Founder of Sandali Creations, shares how she realized the importance of family. This lockdown has helped her understand how staying close with those who matter the most, is the most important.

3. Lockdown epiphanies


Today’s #WritingInLockdown challenge 4.0 in collaboration with Roopali Jain, a writer and CA aspirant Roopali Jain
This lockdown has been quite an insightful one for her. She shares her epiphanies and they’re 💯 true and relatable for us.

4. Self-worth


Today’s #CollaborativeWriting post inspired by an illustration on the gorgeous feed of @verocassiani_ .
Text and image editing by me, illustration by the talented Veronica.

5. Dear Daughter of Mine


Today’s #collaborativewriting post done with a super talented woman and writer, Nidhi Kaushik.
We share our thoughts on being a responsible mother to daughters. If we don’t change today, we can’t expect them to have a bright future. 👩‍👧👣🧚‍♀️

6. Happily Never After


Today’s #collaboration post with the talented Upasana Arora @wordswithsana
Not every love story has a happy ending, but that ending can lead to another great beginning

7. Eid Mubarak


An Eid special collaboration post, inspired by an illustration done by @_adibs_illustrations_.
Let’s connect virtually on this festive day. Eid Mubarak to one and all across the world.


8. Spread Love


Today’s collab post with the young and budding talent,Shivaani Ravi.
We talk about spreading love and giving our best version to people.

9. Rainbows & Stars


Today’s #collaborationpost with Shhivanni @push_a_pencil @_shhivanni_
It’s cute when the presence of someone special brings along some brightness.

10. Begin Again


Today’s Collaborative Writing post with Madhumati Ravikumar @inkyourthoughts_iyt
If starting again scares you, read this. 👆🏻

11. The Last Good Conversation


Today’s Collaboration post inspired by an illustration on @gunselisepici‘s feed.
Oh, how I miss those deep conversations with my loved ones on the beach, on mountain tops or on rooftops. #sigh

12. Bombay Magic


Today’s Collaboration post inspired by an illustration I fell instantly in love with (by @aparnasartandillustrations)
Because I miss those little things that define my city ‘Aamchi Mumbai’

13. Tough Love


Today’s collaboration post inspired by an illustration from the feed of @kanis.studio.
Because I miss our movie dates, whether at home or outside @manan_desai87. To all the couples in a LDR during this pandemic, remember that ‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder’ and ‘This too shall pass’. 👫 ♥ .

14. Lost, Wanderlust


Today’s collaboration post inspired by an illustration on @kate.orita‘s feed ; because I miss travelling so much 😢 and also because Santorini remains to be checked off travel bucket list.


With the lockdown now lifted and over, I conclude the #WritingInLockdown challenge. It has been a truly creatively satisfying challenge for me, wherein I ended up writing and creating 72 wonderful posts which included poems, quotes, microtales and some life-learning write-ups.

You can have a look at the previous write-ups on below blogs:

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