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When You Believe That Trauma Needs To Be Faced & Resolved ~ A Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Writer & Influencer Shares Her Story

Horacio Jones says,

Instead of saying, “I’m damaged, I’m broken, I have trust issues” say “I’m healing, I’m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over.”

In our #WisdomWednesday blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment today we’re proud to present a survivor of abuse, who refused to bow down, fought back and proved her worth to the world. Meet, Swema Prakash, who is Digital Marketer, Content Creator and Writer. Having a huge following on social media platforms like Quora, Facebook and Instagram, Swema can also be termed as a millennial influencer. With this tag flounced upon her. Swema tries her best to reach out to people in need of motivation via her writings. What kind of trauma did Swema undergo and how did she come out of it to become a successful self-made woman today? Let’s find out in her own words.



“I was exposed to a life of silent observation and analyzing everything around; living in a not-so-kid-friendly environment at home. I was forced to stay confined to my room, and for my entertainment. Despite the scarce human connection in my life, I tried not to succumb into negativity and turned to the practice of writing, painting, singing, dancing, cooking and reading as my solace.


I read almost anything that I could get my hands on. And though I was an ‘A’-student my entire life, I, later on, discarded my brief romanticism with a career in IT.


I returned to be the child who would want to learn so much about the world, even while sitting in her tiny room. I had learnt a big lesson while growing up, “life is made up of moments, and each moment carries a message. No matter how good or bad the moment is, it is the message that you take from it- that is going to decide the next series of moments in life.” I try, in whatever I do today, to send across as many messages out there that the people need to hear. I was born into a dysfunctional family.


My mother is a narcissist, father- her enabler. My sister has been the golden child, and I have been the scapegoat. Of course, me being the scapegoat of my family has pushed me into becoming the woman that I am today.


But then it has impacted my life negatively in ways that I can’t dispose of my existence. For example, I suffer from low self-esteem in my day to day. BPD, PTSD, major depressive disorder are some baggage I would rather not carry.


I grew up under circumstances that were different from my friends; hence I seemed and felt different. But it was lousy kind of different, you see? I was creative, eloquent and pleasing than most people but I was also more sad and scared than most people. This continued until I started educating myself about mental, psychological, emotional and social wellbeing, and began to understand what and where my trauma was and how they were affecting me in daily life.


I started doing meditation. I visited Vippassana for a 10-day meditation retreat, I read more and more spiritual authors, and finally, I was able to accept myself for who I was. And that changed everything for me. Today, I act as a spokesperson for many people who claim that I make them feel less lonely and more understood and trusted.


My motivation comes from a lot of places. Every morning that I have access to my physical and mental energy to put efforts on getting the work done throughout the day. My job as a Digital marketer and content developer motivates me, my dog motivates me with his contagious happiness, my readers motivate me by reaching out to me in the sweetest ways. Knowing that I am there for people who need me and that someone needs me every day around the year, motivates me. My gratefulness towards my current life and everything in it motivates me.


 I am an ‘A’ student turned into a not-so-great engineer. But I am a writer, an influencer (if I may call myself so). I learn a little from almost everything and everyone that I come across, and that gives me a lot of joy. I am trusted and respected at my workplace, amongst my friends and colleagues. I am family to anyone who needs family support, I am inexhaustibly emotionally available for people, and I love that. I am a soon-to-be-published author. I am exactly where I needed to be, and I am going towards exactly where I will need to be.

I have learnt a couple of things so far:

“Being a wrong person is so much harder than being a good person.”


“When you are kind to others, you are your most human and alive form.”


“Trauma needs to be faced and resolved. Running away from it is futile. No matter how far you think you are, you’ll still be there.”

My life would have been much easier if I had been trusted as a child. I was being abused by my parents, and no one chose to believe me because in our society, it is believed that parents can never harm their children. But in truth, parents are people, or human beings, before being parents. And there’s no guarantee that all kinds of people make good parents. I wish for a society where the emotional and psychological well-being of a child is being paid heed to. Not just inside four walls but in the society as a whole.

“A generation of mentally healthy and aware children will bring about the change in society that all of us dream of.”



You can drop in a message to Swema, read and follow her writings and work on various social media platforms by following the links below:

Besides being a writer, Swema is also a talented singer and artist. Check out some of her gorgeous artworks in the collage below.


You can hear her melodious voice on Soundcloud through the below link:


Other personal and professional social media handles




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