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#WritingInLockdown Challenge 3.0

We are now in the fourth phase of the national lockdown with Lockdown 4.0. Yes, it isn’t easy on any of us, but the one thing we can do is to stay positive. The thing that has helped me is the #WritingInLockdown challenge. With phase 1, 2 and 3 of the lockdown now done with, I have written over 50 poems, tales and quotes in this lockdown

I have already shared the posts of  #WritingInLockdown challenge 1.0 and #WritingInLockdown challenge 2.0 in separate blog posts. In this post, I’m sharing the posts of the #WritingInLockdown challenge 3.0. This one was all about going back to the roots, wherein I wrote (for the first time) in Hindi and Gujarati.

If any mistakes, and the writing seems to be abysmal, I apologize beforehand. Have a look anyway, though, please? They are all shared below. There’s a rough English translation with each post, just in case you aren’t fluent in these language, or don’t know them at all.

1. When the going gets tough


Rough translation : It’s not a defeat when you stop or pause during tough times, but it’s definitely a victory of sorts if you continue moving ahead during such times.


2. The Beginning of The End


Rough translation: Humans have tools of happiness but are still unhappy,
They have time on hand but no good use of it,
They have food but no eradication of hunger,
Aren’t these indicators of the beginning of the end of the world?


3. Karma

96372454_2983969898351953_5522440353304543232_oRough translation :
The whole of humanity is suffering due to the acts of few humans,
The prosperity of a select few will lead to the adversity of everyone.


4. Mother’s Love


Rough translation: The one who stays empty-stomach by first taking care of the children’s hunger,

The one who bears the cold but doesn’t fail to provide warmth to her children,

The one who always thinks of the children before herself,

That’s why she is no less than a ‘God’ herself


5. Human Anxiety


Rough translation : So fickle and strange is the human anxiety,
Years passed in complaining that there’s no time from work,
Today when there’s time the complain is that there’s no work.


6. Good person vs Bad person


Rough translation : Whether a human being is good or bad, right or wrong, can only be determined based on circumstances.
A person who donates whole heartedly into religious institutions, might be considered good and right,
But when he hesitates in paying the house help without them having worked for a long time, would he still be considered right?

7. Emotional or Heartless?


Rough translation : Is crying the only indication of being sentimental or caring?
Does this mean a person who doesn’t cry or cries less, cares less or doesn’t sympathise?


8. Love Bond


Rough translation : The meaning of love is not binding,
But it is definitely one relationship which binds all.


9. Worthless vs Cheap


Rough translation : Everything in the world has become almost worthless, but the thinking of some people is still ‘cheap’


10. Promise? Promise!


Rough translation : There are many who don’t fulfill their promises,
There are few though who do fulfill them too,
Then there are those handful too, who fulfill promises without having made them too.

11. Fans or Loved Ones


Rough translation : Even if you have lakhs of people who love you,
But if the ones whom you love aren’t by your side,
The love of those lakhs will be as good as zero.


12. Life Pleasant and Lessons


Rough translation : What is life?
A mixture of pleasant and unpleasant moments.
The pleasant moments provide us happiness, and the unpleasant ones teach us some lessond,
In both the cases tales and stories are created nonetheless.

13. Performance


Rough translation : Whether your work is good or bad, that will be conveyed to you by people anyway. However, whether or not what they say is true or false, can also be gauged once the results of your work are visible.

Hope you enjoyed these!

Thanks for reading.

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