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When Life Teaches You That No Two Days Are The Same ~ A Home Decor Expert Shares Her Story

Nate Berkus says,

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.”

In our #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment we present a woman who too believes what Mr. Nate says and lives up to it every day. Meet, DIY and Home Décor Expert, Varsha Kalidindi. My qualification she is an engineer, but life had other plans for her rather than a 9-5 job and thanks to her passion, she got into the field of Home Décor and now excels in it. What made her choose this field as a profession and how does she keep herself motivated to stay in it? Let’s find out in her own words.



“Though I’m an engineer by qualification, decor styling has been my passion right from childhood. I used to help my mother in all kinds of household stuff right from dusting and cleaning to organising things. I guess, that’s when it all started. Another important factor that made me somewhat of a pro at home management and styling was the fact that we never had phones or video games. This gave us a lot of time to engage in DIYs and other indoor activities. In fact, I love doing these even now.


The good thing is that my passion for decor never changed, right from childhood till today. I got married when I was only 19 and still pursuing 2nd year of my engineering degree. Against popular belief though, this did not affect my studies at all and I successfully completed my engineering post marriage. I conceived soon after getting my degree so I could not join any kind of 9-9 “software jobs”. And just like that, from an engineering student to a married woman, I became a home maker and a mother of two children by the time I was 23. Things changed when we had to move to Vizag owing to my husband’s business.


This is where my home décor began once we bought a house of our own in this new city. As in most developing cities and metros, we too live in a concrete jungle. Our house is on the ground floor of a 16 story apartment because of which there is not much ventilation. This is when I started working on my house and put it every kind of effort that I could, to turn it into a beautiful home with minimal budget.


How successful I have been in this journey can be seen on my Instagram handle where everyday I get overwhelming messages of how wonderful my home looks!

The journey has been rocky and challenging, and we have, as a family, had to face a lot of difficulties, financially as well as emotionally. However, together we have come out of each struggle, stronger and better.

As we have two small kids and many other financial commitments, it becomes difficult to manage things financially. My husband’s business is a start-up too, which makes it more difficult to survive sometimes, but through each step that we take together, we are learning how to overcome that particular challenge and face the next step.


The current pandemic and lockdown situation had made it even more tough but we too are trying and working harder than before.

My Instagram decor page (@varsha_decor) has been the turning point in my life. #myhomefeel, the hashtag that I started and built on, has helped boost my confidence and made me believe that I too can do something sitting at home and prove my worth as a passionate décor stylist.

It is through Instagram that people started believing in me and my work and eventually I got projects of small budget makeovers. This helped boost my confidence even more. My mom and my husband are my motivators. I don’t think my journey would have even started or continued till today if not for the support of these two.


Besides them, I have my decor community to thank and be grateful for. Every page and the people who handle them are just so sweet and encouraging; Divya and Urmila to name a few. These two have been the inspiration for my #tag. Besides them, there are many more sweet friends I have made through our Instagram décor community. They have all helped me a lot to handle my #tag.

My journey till now is just like a graph full of ups and downs. But that’s what life is. We get to learn many things every day and my biggest learning has been that,

“No two days are the same”

The first and biggest milestone was reaching 3k followers mark on my Instagram handle via which I gained immense self-confidence. The second milestone was when my work got featured in Urban clap homes.


In future I intend on studying and learning more about decor styling with certifications and also help people who want to change their home with cost effectiveness. Workwise, my focus is on low budget makeovers now.

Through my work I have realized that

“Decor is a never-ending learning process and that the more you learn about it, the more new ideas and innovations will come to you, because décor styles keep changing day to day.”

It’s because of this that I love to explore more and more in this field, every single day.



To follow Varsha’s work, check out her stunning home décor work, inquire about her services or to hire her for affordable home styling and makeovers, follow the link below:

Varsha’s home styling work has been featured on Urban Company Homes (Formerly UrbanClap Homes). You can have a look at these below:











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