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When You Aim To Create Awareness About Sustainable Décor ~ A Professor & Fiber Artist Shares Her Story

Oscar Auliq-Ice says,

“By weaving your passion and unique skills with a need or cause, and standing with the people you want to serve, you will be well-positioned to make a meaningful dent in the world.”

In our #FridayFeature blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment we bring to you a woman, who with passion and unique skills is out to make a meaningful dent just like Mr. Oscar says. Meet, Rutuja Kendurkar, who is an Assistant Professor by qualification and a Fibre Artist by passion. Having pursued and completed her education in Architecture and Urban Designing, Rutuja is currently a professor at Aayojan School in Pune and is also the Founder and Creative Director of Thread 101, a creative venture into sustainable home décor accessories and jewellery. How did she get into these two varied fields of profession and passion, and how does she manage time between them as well as personal responsibilities? Let’s find out in her own words.



“I’m an Architect and Urban Designer by education, via which I’m an Assistant professor at Aayojan School, Pune. Besides this, I’m also a Fibre Artist by passion. Being from the architecture background from childhood, quick DIY’s were always a part of my everyday life. “If you can’t find it, make it”, was always the motto followed at home.


I developed a specific interest in fibre arts when I was in the US. I did not have a full-time job in 2015 so had some free time on hand. It all started with a nylon rope I found lying in the storeroom and the rest is what you see now. The initial time was a trial and error method until I finally made a usable basket. After that there was no stopping or turning back. Since the passion was taking fruition, I thought of making it formal and hence was formed Thread 101. 


Each and every product that I design and make, is done keeping in mind its environmental implications and getting something unique out there in the market. The major struggle while designing any piece is deciding how it adds value to someone’s life. If it doesn’t, the idea is scratched.


Moving back to India after all this and setting up (or rather resetting) the business in an unexplored market was the biggest struggle as well as a turning point in my life.


But along this entrepreneurial journey I met some wonderful people on Instagram who lifted my spirits and always kept supporting me in every crazy experiment that I did.


Being able to showcase my art in top 5 exhibitions in India and take it forward to a level of large-scale installation is my end goal and motivation. The future plan includes employing and promoting this venture as a way of giving business to local vendors and needy women and staying on the path of providing eco-friendly and sustainable décor elements. Creating awareness about sustainable décor and reducing carbon footprint of any piece that I design continues to be the end step in my journey.


My biggest and most shocking learning has been that

Eco-friendly décor elements despite being the need of the hour are not taken very seriously in the current world that we live in.


As a follow-up lesson to this, 

I have become more determined to continue on this path and do whatever I can in my capacity to help more and more people understand and realize the importance of sustainability.”



To drop in a message to Rutuja, check out her stunning eco-friendly home décor accessories and jewellery, inquire about them and order one or more of these for yourself, follow the links below.

Thread 101 also does customization of fibre art products, so if you have a specific theme or design in mind, do let them know about it and they’ll ensure it’s done.

Other professional and personal social media handles of Rutuja:









10 thoughts on “When You Aim To Create Awareness About Sustainable Décor ~ A Professor & Fiber Artist Shares Her Story”

  1. Congratulations To good Rutuja and interesting untouched field
    Would like to visit your Thread 101 . Best luck for your future endeavours.


  2. Hearty Congrats, seems to be determined, dedicated & devoted personality, wonderful Thread world, wish good luck for future


  3. Hearty Congrats, Seems to be very dedicated, determined & devoted personality, wonderful Artifacts out of simple Thread, Hats off to Threadworms, wish all the best & good luck for future..


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