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When You Deeply Love Nature & Consider it To Be Your Best Motivator ~ An Illustrator & Artist Shares Her Story

Claude Monet said,

The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.”

In our #WisdomWednesday blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we present a woman who just as Claude, believes that nature is the biggest source of her motivation as well as inspiration. Meet, Hiral Mehta, who is an independent illustrator as well as artist. Having successfully completed a lot of creative assignments under her name, Hiral has made a name for herself as an artist. As an artist, Hiral works on canvas, wall, wood and even paints on fabric such as Lehenga. Her specializations include charcoal sketch, water paint, acrylic and oils. As an illustrator Hiral does digital as well as hand-painted illustrations. But the road to perfecting these skills and achieving success as an artist hasn’t been an easy one for her. How did she find her calling as an artist and what keeps her motivated to stay on this path? Let’s find out in her own words.



“Currently I’m a full-time independent artist and loving my professional life. However, this wasn’t the case some years back. I have done my Masters in Human Resources and had worked in that field for two and a half years in Bangalore.


The professional end of my life was fine (not great) and would have gone on the same way if not for an unexpected change at the personal end. I had  to quit my job in 2018 and in the same year, I got married and moved to Mumbai.


There’s something about this city which makes you aim for more and go for your dreams, which justifies why it is called the ‘City of Dreams’. Once settled here, I didn’t want to join another job similar to the one I had just quit in Bangalore. While I was looking for professional options, I took to arts and started to upskill my painting abilities. So that’s when my journey as an artist began, about 2 years ago. Although I must admit here that I have been painting since years now, as art has been my passion since I was a kid. However, the thought of taking it up professionally only took seed and grew into an ambition after moving to Mumbai.


The struggle during my desk job days was the daily hustle. The back and forth travelling 3 to 4 hours everyday just wasn’t something I wanted to see myself doing for the rest of my life. That’s when I decided to take up being an artist seriously. However, when I started my art career – (of course) not many took it seriously and thought I was doing it for “time pass”. I heard this phrase a lot many times and it continues even today in fact. I despise this thinking of the society in general where they people consider anything creative or artistic to be a hobby or worse a ‘time pass’ activity which cannot be something one can earn their daily bread from. 


I didn’t let this deter me though and continued to focus and worked very very hard for one year crazily with not many returns. But that’s how every business starts, right? Despite and with all those tough initial days, I have managed to draw in a appreciation from all and sundry for my art and more importantly for my work and assignments as an artist. Though I’d be lying if I say all my work is always great because not all artwork turned out to be right; but the key is that you have to keep doing it to learn and improve with each piece of work.


The turning point without a doubt was the year 2018 after quitting my job and starting with my journey as an artist.

Nature has been the best motivator for me. I deeply love nature and respect all its elements like the sea and forests. Anything connected nature is a source of nature and inspiration for me. Also, the feel-good factor of starting a new piece of painting and the end result of it when it turns out to be beautiful is another motivating factor for me to continue my professional journey as an artist.


The journey so far has been a slow but steady upward growth and I am very grateful that my art has started gaining recognition and appreciation. 


My biggest learning has been to

Believe in oneself which is very vital as a lot of entrepreneurs leave their profession or work very soon.


One must remember to

Keep learning and upskilling in their field of work as there is a wide wide ocean out there to swim across.



Persistence and patience are key to keep going as success doesn’t come right away, but if you keep working it will come eventually.”



To drop in a message to Hiral, to check out her amazing artwork pieces and stay updated with her latest assignments, or to inquire and hire her for her services as an artist, follow the links below:

Hiral’s work as an artist has been featured in an article in Midday. You can have a look at this feature through the below link:

Other professional and personal handles:



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