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#WritingInLockdown Challenge 2.0

I started the #WritingInLockdown challenge on the Facebook and Instagram pages of A Rustic Mind, where I have been writing and posting a poem on each day, beginning from 21st March, 2020. The 1.0 version of this challenge ended on 14th April and I wrote 24 poems during this time.

For the 2.0 version, I wrote a mix of few poems and microtales. Presenting all 20 of them (written in the #WritingInLockdown 2.0) in this blog.


1. Who Would’ve Thought


Who would’ve thought?
Temples, churches, mosques and all religious places either shut or empty.

Who would’ve thought?
World leaders who never agreed on most things, coming to agree on one thing, which is to save the world.

Who would’ve thought?
Finally humans would realize there’s no bigger religion than humanity.

Who would’ve thought?
All it needed was a few months of human inactivity for nature to be active again.

Who would’ve thought?
People’s creativity could come out best during such a global crisis.

Who would’ve thought?
Staying indoors rather than going out for a walk or run, could make people healthier and fitter than ever before.

Who would’ve thought?
There’s an innate ability to cook in all of us.

Who would’ve thought?
Most jobs could be done remotely without wasting fuel, time and efforts in the daily commute for work every day.

Who would’ve thought?
Life without fancy clothes, dinners at restaurants or movies at theatres can go on just fine too.

Who would’ve thought?
It would take a global health crisis to realize just how important science, technology and medicine is.

Who would’ve thought?
Being grateful for a home, and the services of so many people (healthcare, security, police, media) would come through being in such a situation.

2. Special Days


Birthday in lockdown ,
Miles away from his loved ones and all by himself,
The day was still memorable, because despite being physically apart, those who cared were all virtually there with him, as he cut the cake and they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ for him.
Anniversary in lockdown,
Though they couldn’t go out as planned,
It was still special, as she was asked to do nothing, and he took care of everything, right from cooking her favourite meals, baking a cake, to cleaning it all up, and even set up their room for a movie date.
Wife’s birthday in lockdown,
With no cake available, nor any ingredients to make one at home,
He made the midnight ritual of cake cutting possible with a little twist,
Making use of some chocolates, fruits and biscuits the alternate to a cake looked, tasted and made her feel even more loved than an actual cake ever could.
Wedding in lockdown,
Though there were only five instead of the five thousand invitees present,
And despite being simply dressed rather than the designer and exclusive outfits intended for the bride and groom,
The vows were the same, so were the people they’d have wanted and needed by their side while taking those vows.
The one thing these special days in lockdown taught them all,
It didn’t require expensive gifts or lavish parties for these days to be celebrated,
Even with the basic things and in the simplest of manners,
These occasions could still become memorable.

3. Real or Virtual


Friends who used to hang out everyday at each other’s place,
Now use hangout to catch up about their days.
The weekend plans to catch a movie or drinks together,
Now happen separately but still virtually together.
Late night long drives with partners and friends,
Now changed to long conversations late at night, with friends, partners and now even family.
Workout partners at the gym,
Now turned to virtual partners who worked out at their own homes.
Teachers and students who shared and received knowledge and education in institutional classrooms,
Now doing the knowledge sharing through technology and e-classrooms.
When every normal activity became possible virtually,
People realized the importance of reality.
That’s why when stepping out became possible,
Reality seemed better than before!

4. Gender Biased Lockdown


For the men,
It was time to sit, chit chat, look at the news all day on TV, read newspapers, and for some to work from home.
For the women,
It was worse than before, with everyone being home all the time and no house help to help even a little , their workload had tripled.
For the nation,
They were saying there was progress in all fields by contribution from both men and women,
Why then it showed the least when it came to contributing towards the house other than financially?
For the men,
There was the virus outside the lockdown and then another one inside, in their locked minds.
Though the virus outside would eventually find a vaccination, is there any way to cure the one inside?
For the women,
Their tasks included cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children and everyone else, and for some along with their professional works too.
Was it any different from their routine?
As both men and women craved for the lockdown to lift,
Their reasons for it were quite different,
The big question though is, “Will life by any different after this?”

5. Creativity in Lockdown


The writer wrote more,
The painter painted more,
The crafter crafted more,
The designer designed more,
The chef cooked more,
The baker baked more,
The singer sang more,
The composer composed more.
All around there was an outlet for creativity abound and for new creations all around.
As consumption for such creative outcomes increased too,
The world came to appreciate those who weren’t like most,
Those they had so far considered less worthy.
The ones who had so far struggled financially,
Finally received the value and respect that their creativity and talent deserved.

6. A Month of Lockdown


A month of staying at home,
What did we learn?
That we can do our professional work from home too.

A month of staying at home,
What did we learn?
That doing household chores isn’t as easy as we had assumed.
A month of staying at home,
What did we learn?
Some shocking, amazing and pleasant stories about people we stayed with everyday, but hardly got time to talk to.
A month of staying at home,
What did we learn?
To use technology to the best of our ability, for professional work as well as for entertainment.
A month of staying at home,
What did we learn?
To enjoy simple things in life, like having meals together and playing long forgotten games like Bridge and board games.
A month of staying at home,
What did we learn?
To help each other in every task, right from cooking to cleaning.
A month of staying at home,
What did we learn?
To live peacefully with each other, despite differences in opinions, choices and habits.

7. A Birthday to Remember


8. Favorite Character


This piece is dedicated to all book lovers on World Book Day.

9. Daddy’s Girl


This post dedicated to my number one man (my dad) on his birthday (24th, April)

10. Eating Together


11. A Journey to Remember


This piece dedicated to those travel companions who leave behind memories and stories to remember.

12. Rich vs Poor


This #microtale about the stark difference between how the lockdown is affecting two sections of the society.

13. Home Unsafe Home


Home isn’t safe for everyone in this lockdown.

14. Dance It Away


On World Dance day, here’s one for all who are ridiculed for choosing this profession, but go on to make it to the top nonetheless.

15. Mother & Son Unite


This post is in remembrance of an actor par excellence and more importantly, an extraordinary human being. R. I. P. Irrfan Khan sir. You’ll be missed by cinema lovers across the world. 😔💔

Artists like you stay alive forever through your works which touched millions. Long live the legend

16. Two legends


This post is dedicated to the loss of two amazing performers. R. I. P. Rishi Kapoor ji.
Also God wanted a live rerun of Chandni (with Yash Chopra, Sri Devi and Rishi Kapoor all up there with him now)
(D-Day was a movie in which Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor starred together)

17. You’ve Got Company


This microtale about all those with limited outdoor exposure, human contact and physical activities, irrespective of a pandemic.

18. Near or Far


This #microtale about the virtual vs real world during this pandemic.

19. Gratefulness

95483471_2974108966004713_8911220054368976896_o (1)

This #microtale about being grateful for the little things during these tough times.

20. Home and Away


This #microtale about human wants which are never satisfied irrespective of the situation.


If you liked the poems, do give a try to my book A Rustic Mind and if you liked the microtales, go ahead and buy my book The Untold Stories which has many such microtales.

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