Wonder Women

When You Learn To Prioritize & Maintain A Work-Life Balance ~ An IT Professional & Zentangle Artist Shares Her Story

Thomas Merton said,

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

In Our #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we present a woman who feels similarly about her love for art. Meet, Neha Agrawal, who is an IT professional, a Zentangle Artist as well as a Certified Zentangle teacher. Besides doing a full-time job in the IT sector, Neha engages in Zentangle art, by not only doing it herself but also by teaching this innovative and creative art form to eager learners. In her IT job, she has been awarded as a SHERO 3 times in a row for her excellence in IT work and art field, and in her Zentangle Art, she is India’s 9th Certified Zentangle Teacher, who has been professionally trained by Maria and Rick – the Boston (USA) based original creators of this art form. How did she get into Zentangle Art despite having a full-time job and how does she manage time between the two varied professions alongside her personal life responsibilities? Let’s find out in her own words.



As a child, I always loved drawing. But my natural inclination has always been towards pattern drawing. When I discovered about Zentangle in an art exhibition, I knew this is what I want to pursue.


I am India’s 9th Certified Zentangle Teacher, who has been professionally trained by Maria and Rick – the Boston (USA) based original creators of this art form.


My work captures concrete representations or abstract symbols in varying tangle forms. Tangling to me means pouring all focus into the tip of pen where it meets paper. My art is spontaneous, and my creations evolve with my free-flowing thoughts. For me, tangling is a means to escape time, space, and enter the magical zone where only energy remains.


My creations have been appreciated by patrons from across the globe including UK, USA and Australia.


An IT professional turned artist, l passionately shares my Zen art and philosophy with art lovers nurturing their creativity.


It is always tough to manage time with office work, house chores, especially when you have kids but I guess that is what makes you realize your priorities. And how much ever you struggle, you end up taking out time for things and people you love.


The turning point came in the form of my first art exhibition, where I got to know about this art from another certified zentangle teacher. After that I explored it more and decided to take up the certification from the Founders of Zentangle INC. Since then, there has been no looking back.


My biggest motivation is my little daughter, who also happens to be my biggest critic. When any new piece of my artwork fails to impress her, I know its not showing my best efforts.


The journey so far has been extremely humbling, with various achievements and accolades to honour these as well. My best ones include these:  

  • 3 of My paintings are selected and bought by Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum, in Ahmedabad for display
  • My art has been covered by various prestigious national newspapers like Economic Times, Times of India, Deccan Herald etc. and also in various state newspapers and art magazines.
  • At my work front (as an IT professional), I have been awarded as SHERO for 3 times in a row for my excellence in IT work and art field

My biggest learning has been that,

“Regular practice is the key to everything!”



To drop in a message to Neha, check out her stunning zentangle artworks, inquire about her art pieces and zentangle teaching, or to buy either of these products or services from her, you can follow the links below:

Other personal and professional handles


Neha’s work as an artist and her life story, has been featured in various newspapers, blogs and magazines. You can have a look at these features through the links below.








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