When You Consider Each Day A Blank Canvas To Be Filled up Creatively and Colorfully ~A Graphic Designer & An Independent Artist Shares Her Story

Georgia O’Keeffe said,

“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.”

In our #FridayFeature blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we present someone who courageously took on her passion for creativity to turn into a full-time profession. Meet, Clacia Valancia Pereira, who is a Graphic Designer & an Independent Artist. She pursues this through her creative venture Callistrophy. Her forte is calligraphy, lettering, watercolors & acrylics. Besides engaging in art, Clacia also teaches the said art activities through workshops. What got her into this field and how does she keep herself motivated to pursue these artistic activities? Let us find out in her own words.



“When I say calligraphy, I was into it from school days, right from the 6th grade. But I never thought I would take it up as my profession. After getting my Fine Arts degree, I was trying to figure out what to do next and I thought let me start off by creating an art page. That’s how Callistrophy came in. I used to share my calligraphy work here regularly and it drew in a lot of compliments. When a client ordered a piece of an art from one of my posts, quite a number of orders followed, and I myself was amazed. But I guess that’s what growth is all about, right?


The turning point came when one day I decided to do something other than just creating art for myself or for selling. So, I advertised for my brush lettering workshop. Surprisingly within just a short span there were quite a number of people texting in, wanting to participate in the workshop and learn from me! I was just starting out and to receive such a response was hugely motivating. In fact, this became even more encouraging, when one of the people who contacted me was a journalist wanting to feature me in the Navhind Times.


I guess these little things are what keep me going. The compliments after delivering each order or after putting up an art piece and the messages of the well wishes after my article that was featured on the Navhind Times have kept my mind positive and convinced me that I’m doing the right thing. I mean my work is touching so many lives and reaching out to so many people, so it must be good, right?

calligraphy products

The journey so far has been really challenging and mesmerising. I consider each day to be a fresh new canvas and take it up as a challenge; as in, it is up to me as to what art I can create on it, so I make the best use of my time and my talents, to paint a beautiful picture out of each day. The future plan is to make my art and abilities as an artist reach those who need love and healing. I really hope to teach and help the autistic kids grow in art and in turn also learn patience and resilience from them.

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Born and brought up in Goa, I’m a simple girl with a love for the arts, which she refuses to give up on.

Reviews and recommendations

To all those reading this, I would just like to say, that,

“Though you haven’t touched the moon yet, “just start” and things will automatically fall in place.”



To drop in a message to Clacia, check out her calligraphy and lettering art works, inquire or order one or more of these for yourself, or to know about and participate in one of her upcoming workshops, follow the links below:

Clacia’s work has been featured in an article on the Navhind Times. You can have a look at this article through the link below:

Newspaper feature

Other professional and personal social media handles:


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