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When You Believe There is A Sacred Purpose to Art & Creativity ~ A Macrame Artist & Home Decor Entrepreneur Shares Her Story

Vandana Shiva, says,

“The fact that I still find so much beauty in a handicraft is because my mother taught us to see not just the craft as a product but the craft as an embodiment of human creativity and human labor.”

In our #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we present a woman who feels similarly about crafting and creativity. Meet, Kanisha Acharya, who is a Handicraft Curator and Macrame Artist. Owing to her attachment and passion towards creativity and home décor, she combined these two to become a Home Decor Entrepreneur through her creative enterprise, The Hippie Vibes. What made her quit her journey towards becoming a Chartered Accountant to begin a journey inclined towards a creative passion and from where does she draw the motivation to continue on this path? Let’s find out in her own words.



“As my early childhood went into conquering great academic highlights, the only thing I missed the most while doing Chartered Accountancy was the creative spark in me which used to make me feel complete as a person. After passing my Inter CA, I happened to read about dreamcatchers and their concept and decided to weave one myself. It gave me a sense of contentment after a long time. It also left behind a feeling of self-appreciation.


Since then, I took it up as a passion and have never looked back. The struggle was setting up this passion as a profession. While I wanted to pursue it professionally and of course also be successful in it, after spending years creating my own designs and my own brand story, the bitter truth hit me that no one believed I should take this up as a profession.


You see, this forte was not so famous back then and it was believed that artists earned less than corporate employees. Starting my page on Instagram without any expectations of what the future holds came as a true turning point. Getting appreciated on this platform motivated me to stay on this path despite facing challenges.


I strive to create authentic dreamcatchers inspired by nature, paying homage to its truest roots. Every Dream Catcher under The Hippie Vibes, honours the magical nature that surrounds us. All totems are carefully handmade with love using natural and vegan materials.


These have all been sourced while travelling to various untouched parts of the world, while I followed my other passion of travelling. My passion for my work and refusal to not make compromises when it comes to quality has brough me in contact with some truly ethical traders in different parts of India and abroad.


As a wanderer, I always seek inspiration from nature. All my creations start with a vision which comes from a place of curiosity, passion and serving the world through my art. I have always loved watching my visions come alive and being appreciated as I have travelled with them.


Right from sourcing the materials to making each of the art pieces under my venture The Happy Vibes, I am the sole creator and believe in putting my best energies to craft a beautiful piece for those who seek them.


I believe there is a sacred purpose to art and creativity and if laced with the perfect intentions, it provides joy to both the maker and the receiver. There has been no looking back in my journey as a Home Decor Entrepreneur, Handicraft Curator, and Macrame Artist since the day I decided to pursue this rather than becoming a CA.


Besides our social media presence, which draws in a lot of orders, we also get a great response while exhibiting in various curated art exhibits. Custom orders for interior projects are a constant.


At The Happy Vibes, we also employ unprivileged women from our neighbourhood, teach them this art and help them thrive and not merely survive. 


I also have a studio to work in the best environment and cater to clients based in Ahmedabad and conduct workshops. We also are blessed to be selling our creations worldwide through Etsy. 


My love for art is my biggest motivation because it made me whole by myself and more importantly it made me love myself when everything was falling apart. Quitting Chartered Accountancy was a brave as well as scary step but having art as my solace has been helpful like nothing else. I started travelling and ended up being in Himachal Pradesh learning Macramé’ in the company of the mighty Himalayas. I started creating new designs, not for the result but to awaken my soul. Since then, I have never stopped.

I wish to learn many art forms in my journey on this beautiful planet and travel to as many places I can. I think nothing brings me more joy than creating and travelling. So the future plan, as of now, is to keep creating, and learning and growing along the way.


My biggest learning has been to

“Always believe in yourself and set your heart towards what you love.”

One must remember to,

“Be the most unique in your offerings to the world.” 

And also to,

“Make your intuition your best friend and believe in persistence and always live with integrity.”



To drop in a message to Kanisha, check out her gorgeous macramé creations and dreamcatchers, or to inquire and buy one or more of these for yourself or to gift someone, follow the links below:

The Hippie Vibes has also been featured on City Shor and LBB. You can have a look at these feature through the links below:






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