Wonder Women

When You Believe Its Not Impossible To Follow Everything The Heart Wants ~ An Artist & Illustrator Shares Her Journey

Charles Cooley said,

“An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.”

In our #FridayFeature blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we present an artist whose love for the arts and creativity ensures she never fails to impress. Meet, Sangamalika Rajakumar, who is a Design Associate (at a Human-Centered Design Strategy Company) and an independent artist who does fine arts, illustration and creative designing. She is the founder of Sanga Studio, an artistic venture via which she enables her art pieces to reach art enthusiasts across the globe. What made her choose these fields, how she manages between a full-time job as a design associate and follows her passion as an independent artist too? Let’s find out in her own words.



My love for Perspectives and Patterns got me into this field. I couldn’t un-see the interconnections among various human beings, their background, behaviors, history and their life. And I also couldn’t stop seeing the patterns and colors in anything that I laid my eyes on. The joy of creating something and then sharing it with the world for it to experience a part of that joy, is something that pushes me to stretch my potential every day.


The struggle and challenge is managing my passion for all things creative. Apart from my profession and art explorations, I also love to read/listen to books, workout, learn new languages, watch series, play keyboard, volunteer for social causes and keep learning something new through online courses/webinar. I have recently taken a liking to cooking as well. It was not easy to follow everything that the heart wants. But I very strongly believed that it was not impossible either.

There were many little and a few major sacrifices that I had to do all along my way. There were voices of doubt, both from inside and outside, that pushed me to wonder if pursuing multiple things that my heart so stubbornly set itself upon, was leading me nowhere. However, those very same voices slowly helped me understand that if I do one thing at a time, and give my best at it, then I am one step closer to excelling at anything I pick. If it is worth the sacrifices, then I must just go for it.


 Interestingly, and a little bit funnily, it was a planner from The Ink Bucket that turned things around for me. I was always into some or the other form of journaling. I love to plan my day, and I sometimes have a Monica Geller’s level of detailing to organizing things. But the toughest part of it is following through and implementing. So, last year, when I got this planner, it felt like it was made for me and something clicked, and I was able to implement most of my task list, while it also helped me with a bit of mindfulness exercises.


My routine became better and the whole practice had an impact on how I took care of my day. I was beginning to get more things accomplished. While I started working full time, I also renamed my art account and launched it as Sanga Studio, to give it more. So, now, every day is a new opportunity for giving my best to what I have planned. The little changes we make to our lives have impacts that turnout unexpectedly amazing. 


I would like to believe that motivation is something that always comes from within. When our mind and heart aspire to do something or be something, nothing can or should stop us from going for it.


My journey so far has been very interesting. While living in various towns, cities and Metros, on one hand, made me curious about people, behavior and culture, on the other hand, the diversity that I witnessed all over and the beauty of the places I lived in, pushed me to explore the world of patterns and colors.


Today, I am at a place where I am able to strike a balance between my profession and passion. My future plan is to explore more about human behavior, while I also expand Sanga Studio.


My learning has been to,

“Keep going. One step at a time. One moment at a time. One action at a time. But never stop.”

When I see the world, I always have an underlying hope that the world gets a little more justice and happiness, with every passing moment. I hope to use what I do to contribute towards that cause.



To drop in a message to Sangamalika, know more about or check out her artistic pursuits, inquire about or buy one or more of her art pieces, follow the links below:

Other professional and personal social media handles:




Sangamalika is a passionate reader and writer as well, and she shares her musings on YourQuote. Sangamalika has even recited a piece written by her on YourQuote open mic. You can have a look at this on YouTube through the link below


Another public platform where Sangamalika shared her knowledge is YIF (Young India Fellow. Sangamalika was a part of 2018-19 batch of YIF) Talks, in which she spoke on the topic “Be Unapologetically You”.Below is the YouTube link to the video:




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