#WritingInLockdown Challenge ~ 1.0

I started the #WritingInLockdown challenge on the Facebook and Instagram pages of A Rustic Mind, where I have been writing and posting a poem on each day, beginning from 21st March, 2020. Answering below, a few FAQs I got on this segment/challenge:

  • What gave you the idea to start this challenge?

I hadn’t been getting time to engage in hobby writing/creative writing since the past few months. The only writing I had been able to do since the beginning of this year was professional writing. The lock down brought in some free time, mentally and physically. And I was badly missing my writing hobby which was a solace for me. Also, I saw many people engaging in nominating friends and family over various challenges. Since this is the only thing I’m good at, it led to the ideation and implemetion of #WritingInLockdown challenge.

  • Has this been helpful?

Oh yes! I haven’t felt so liberated, at least mentally, in a long time! My creativity as a writer is coming out superbly!

  • Do you plan to continue this segment/challenge now that the lock down has been extended?

Yes, very much so! I intend to post a poem, microtale, musing, or just about anything, for each day of this lock down, till it continues.

  • In what other ways has this challenge been helpful?

Honestly, this has kept my mind off the negativity surrounding the Covid-19. Not to mention it keeps me creatively engaged too.

That’s about everything I have been asked on DMs regarding this challenge. Since lock down 1.0 has ended, I thought of starting on a new note with the lock down 2.0 (starting on 15th APril, 2020)

So sharing all the writings of the lock down 1.0 in this blog post. So far I have written 24 poems/musings under this challenge.

1. World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

#WritingInLockdown challenge Day 1: Wrote a little poem (after a long time) on this World Poetry Day. May the reader, writer and poet in you be inspired by the magic of poetry and words, today and always. Happy World Poetry Day, folks.

2. Life in Quarantine

Life in Quarantine

#WritingInLockdown challenge Day 2:
What to do?
Wake up and exercise and exercise at home, together if you can.
What to do?
Decide what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, help each other prepare the meals and have them together.
What to do?
Clean the house together because nobody got time to do it in busy schedule and right now calls for it.
What to do?
Watch a movie together, get your family into the ‘Netflix and chill’ mood.
What to do?
Listen to music together, dance to it or let it play as you cook, play games or clean the house together.
What to do?
Help out the women with household chores like cutting and chopping, cleaning the utensils, starting the washing machine or putting out the washed clothes for drying.
What to do?
Play card games, board games or read a book together.
What to do?
Call friends and relatives to catch up and ask them how they’re doing.
What to do?
Engage in DIY activities like painting, baking, and other creative activities, together.
What to do?
If out of options to do stuff and bored, stop each other from stepping out of the house.
What to do?
Be there for each other and with each other.
What to do?
Stay indoors as much as you can, because THIS TOO SHALL PASS.
What to do?
Use this time to analyse and realize your mistakes, and strive to BE A BETTER HUMAN once this is over.

3. The Little Joys

The Little Joys

#WritingInLockdown challenge Day 3

And when the dark times passed,
Never again did she take for granted, the simple things in life.
From a walk in the park, to enjoying a sunset on the beach.
From a hike up a hill, to witnessing the sunrise indicating a new day and beginning.
From the scent of the flowers, to the sound of birds chirping and water flowing by in a stream.
From family to friends, checking up regularly and hoping for everyone’s well being.
From the house help to the cleaner, valuing everyone’s work whether small or big.
Here’s hoping we come out healed, whole and better on the other side of this world health crisis. Stay strong, people ‚ú® ūüôĆ

4. Big Houses, Small Hearts

Big Houses, Small Hearts

#WritingInLockdown challenge Day 4

From the mansion
To the cottage,
Everyone stayed indoors,

From the big to the small families,
All fit in and adjusted irrespective of the size of the house.

The bigger the size of the house, the smaller the hearts of its inhabitants,
The small cottages on the other hand left their doors, hearts and minds all open.

The mansions though spacious looked cold,
The small houses despite being crammed looked welcoming in contrast.
Those in the mansions had more space and resources than required, but were still unsatisfied.
For the ones living in small homes, it was just another compromise in their routine.

The small cottages looked cheerful and clean,
The mansions soon lost their charm as nobody was willing to go take up tasks like sweeping and scrubbing.

As the days went by one thing was clear,
To have a big heart was a better life to lead than to have a big house.

5. Gender Equality, Finally

Gender Equality, Finally

#WritingInLockdown challenge Day 5

Restricted indoors, the chauvinists finally became feminists
Restricted indoors, men and children finally learnt to cook

Restricted indoors, women finally learnt to take a stand for themselves
Restricted indoors, men and women finally became equals

Restricted indoors, families finally learnt to divide housework
Restricted indoors, humans learnt humanity

6. Social Media Trash

Social Media Trash

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 6
What’s the latest?
News channel said ‘Record number of deaths’

What’s the latest?
WhatsApp message said ‘Try this, it will save you from death’

What’s the latest?
Facebook said ‘This video shows doctors struggling to save patients from death’

What’s the latest?
Instagram story said ‘This is not your time to die if you just Stay Home’

What’s the latest?
News channel said ‘Lockdown for three weeks’

What’s the latest?
WhatsApp message said ‘Counting number of tiles in bathroom during lockdown’

What’s the latest?
Facebook video said, “Celebrity doing housework during lockdown’

What’s the latest?
Insta story said,” Ask me questions to know me better during the lockdown”

In short, the latest is either creating panic or spreading false hopes.
In short, the latest is more or less the same unreliable, unuseful data, if you don’t change your source of looking at ‘what’s the latest?” In short, only look at verified and trustworthy resources like WHO and UNICEF for actual latest.
In short, the best option is to avoid the latest completely and focus on helping yourself be safe and well, and becoming a better person.

7. Generation Gap

Generation Gap

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 7

Netflix and Chill, what’s that?
Spending time watching movies on the internet with her daughter during the lockdown taught her.
Vintage, what’s that?
Coming across her mother’s stuff during the lockdown taught her.
Binge watching, what’s that?
Watching series after series with his son all day while in lockdown taught him.
Telegram, what’s that?
Seeing an old letter of his dad’s while in lockdown taught him.
Trolling, what’s that?
Checking Facebook with her daughter during the lockdown taught her.
Retro, what’s that?
Checking out her mother’s old photos during the lockdown taught her.
Meme, what’s that?
Surfing through Instagram along with his son while in lockdown taught him.
Postcard, what’s that?
Seeing various pictures of places from across the world with handwritten notes on them while cleaning the house along with his father while in lockdown taught him.
As the days became werks and months,
The lockdown cut the families from the rest of the world, they came closer to each other.
As each waking hour was spent together,
The many years of generation gap slowly faded away.

8. Two PartsTwo Parts

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 8
There are two sections of the society right now,
One staying with the family because of no work (or work from home) and unhappy
One staying away from the family because of work and unhappy .
There are two kinds of people right now,
One wanting to get out of home for just a walk,
One walking miles to reach home
There are two kinds of men right now,
One becoming a true partner, son or brother to his wife, mother or sister
One becoming even more burdensome on the women of his house
There are two kinds of women right now,
One succumbing to the societal expectations and demands of men,
One finally seeing the true face of men and taking a stand
There are two kinds of families right now,
One understanding the value of those working for them,
One unwilling to let go of that help despite the need of the hour
There are two sections of those helping out right now,
The celebrities and public figures giving away little from their huge chunk and getting all publicity,
The common man giving away and doing as much as he can from his little chunk and capability, silently .

9. Family Ties

Family Ties

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 9

A little conversation with self everyday,
And something new she learned about herself.
Discussions with dad everyday,
And both dad and son got to know each better and in a new light.
Cooking and cleaning with mom everyday,
And both mother and daughter grew to learn from each other and admire the other’s effeciency.
Video calls with friends everyday,
And they all realized missed opportunities and vowed to meet each more often.
Playing games with each other everyday,
And all learned something new to play.
Watching movies and serials on TV everyday,
And they came to know about old and new forms of entertainment.
When the lockdown ended they missed that every day,
Despite being grateful about the freedom they craved during all those everydays.

10. House Becomes Home

House Becomes Home


#WritingInLockdown challenge day 10

A new house,
She was so excited to start afresh!
She’d saved up from years for this moment.
A new beginning,
In a new city and with a new job,
She’d worked hard to get it.
As life began in that 2 bedroom house
The two girls who’d bought it together
Began a new journey together.
All went smooth and well for a few days,
The girls had their routines and schedules fixed
Their was barely any time or need for interaction.
There was a cook who bought the groceries and prepared the meals,
And a maid who did the utensils and cleaning of the house,
Besides the people they met outside, the girls felt no need for human contact inside the walls of the house.
Then came the lockdown,
Which was followed by letting go of the cook and the maid,
Now what were they to do?
From buying of groceries
To cooking up the meals and division of household chores,
Interactions finally began with arguments but ended in settlement.
At the end of the month,
The house finally became a home,
As the strangers dwelling inside became friends and then family.

11. Freedom


#WritingInLockdown challenge day 11

She heard them talking about a lockdown
It didn’t make much sense to her.
The next day was usual,
She woke up and did her usual chores,
Briefly she wondered why everyone was at home but thought it must be a holiday and ignored it.
As always, after the housework of cooking and cleaning was done,
She went to her 6*6 room and stared out the window looking at the sunset, wondering about what lay beyond her vision. .
Yet another day and they were all still at home,
In fact they were there the next day after that too and it made her wonder what had happened.
But she dared not ask, for fear of getting scolded or worse beaten,
So she went by her ways and let the days pass.

A few weeks went by like this,
Though her routine wasn’t affected in the least,
It gave her a weird pleasure to see them holed up inside the house just like her,
It made her happy that for once she wasn’t the only one craving for the world outside.
She felt satisfied that now,
At least at some level, they were the same as her.

One night a month later, they all seemed excited,
They were discussing what they would do and where they would go the next day,
It made her jealous, in fact more so than those days when she had seen them going out everyday.
That night she slept fitfully and kept dreaming about the world beyond what was visible from her window more than ever.
As expected, the next day she woke up to a silent house,
She came out of her room gloomily and made her way to the kitchen to begin her work.
When she went to the hall for dusting, she noticed the front door open.
That had never happened before!! With panic and excitement she moved towards the door to ensure it was open and then double checked the house to make sure she was alone,
In the excitement of being able to step out after so many days of their own temporary lock down ,
They’d forgotten about her permanent lockd own.
She ran out like an animal unleashed,
She hurried to her escape and freedom like a prisoner from jail,
As she laughed and gulped in the world beyond her window,
The only thing that came to her mind was ‘One door truly opens so many opportunities’¬†

12. A Good Change

A Good Change

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 12

He walked out of his home, smiled at the girl opposite door, but did not wait to stop and talk, after all ‘What would people say if they saw him talking to the girl next door?’
At office, he cracked jokes and was a fun loving guy, but only when his juniors were around, with his boss and seniors he was a serious guy, after all, ‘What would they think about him if he joked and fooled around?’
He reached home at a decent time, and hardly ever went out or had friends over, after all, ‘What would people say if they heard noises from his house or saw him coming home late?’
When the lock down came, this pattern of living in a shell became deeper. With no excuse to step out of the house, he craved for his mind to worry about ‘What would people say or think?’
With no human interaction for weeks, the only thoughts were of what he could have done and then what he could, would and should do with his behaviour patterns now.
Once the pandemic settled and life was to settle into its previous pattern again, he befriended the girl next door, became the office entertainer, and went out more, even after work hours. He was finally living for himself. After all he had realized, ‘Who cared what people would say or think if you weren’t happy yourself?’ ‘What was life with or without lock down, if your heart and mind itself is restrained and locked down?’

13. Two Weddings

Two Weddings

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 13

The wedding invitation arrived in his mailbox a few days back
Ever since he had received it he’d been trying hard to push it off,
He hated such social events, but his family insisted on his attending.
After days of back and forth arguments and lot of emotional cajoling, he agreed to fly to his country for attending his cousin’s wedding,
He was visiting India after 3 years but felt no happiness on going to his native place or meeting his family after such a long time.
The wedding was a gala affair, and despite his initial reluctance, he did enjoy being with his family, especially his parents and sister,
They seemed to have understood to give him his space and didn’t ask him much about his personal or even his professional life,
He decided to extend his stay for a week so he could spend time with just these three,
This week though soon turned into a month when the world got caught in a pandemic,
No flights in or out of the country for 21 days!
With each of them forced to stay indoors,
The family of four spent time together after ages,
Mother- son, father – son and brother – sister relationships rekindled anew as they all got to know each other again and realized how they had grown and changed.
It took a few days but he finally came around,
Told them all about his work stress and how he wasn’t happy with the job,
About his personal life too, he confessed having a girlfriend who he intended to marry by next year.
What had began forcefully, and then continued due to unforseen circumstances, ended in him being able to reconnect to his roots,
Staying with his family and sharing his problems and relationship status made him feel lighter.
When the lockdown lifted and it was time for him to go,
He was a changed man with a positive attitude and few resolutions,
He went back only to hand in his resignation, propose his girlfriend and pack up that life.
In a week, he was back to his native, this time for a wedding he could not miss!
After all, he was getting locked down for life, with a wife, a family and a home.

14. What If?

What If?

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 14
What if, the world had gone on the way it had?
What if, a pandemic hadn’t forced all humans indoors?
What if, the earth never got a chance to restore?
What if, humans never realized the importance of humanity?
What if, religion continued to be considered above healthcare and science?
What if, we never got a chance to self reflect?
What if, we’d rather have continued with our ways?
What if, political gains always preceded over any unselfish deed by global leaders?
What if, we choose to use technology as a tool to spread hate rather than for positive enforcement?
What if, even after all this, we continue being the same?
Would you have rather liked that way of life?

15. Self-Growth


#WritingInLockdown challenge day 15

“Who reads poetry? It’s so boring, and I never understand it”
This used to be his response when anyone asked about his favourite poem.
Who would have thought it would become his favourite hobby to read and write such lines when the lockdown came.
“I can’t paint even if someone made me do it at gunpoint!” Would be her response when she admired paintings by artists and someone whether she was an artist herself.
Who would have thought she’d herself become a self taught painter because of the lockdown. “I find cooking to be the most boring and menial job”
Was something he used to say when his wife asked to help in the kitchen.
Stuck away from home during the lockdown, it became a necessity for him to learn how to cook.
“Technology confuses me and I can’t use phones for anything more than making calls”
This was her response when her children used to ask her why she didn’t use her cellphone for entertainment.
Being away from her family during lockdown, she learnt to make video calls, listen to music, click photos, read book, play games, and do almost everything on that single device.
“Baking seems so tedious and complex. I’d rather order from a bakery than put in so much efforts”
Is what she used to think about making a cake or cookies at home.
With her birthday falling during the lockdown, she couldn’t not have a cake to cut, so decided to finally learn baking and ended up finding a new passion and hobby.
Locked within their homes, either alone or with someone, people finally learned some essential life skills or found a hidden talent.
The lockdown during the pandemic was hence remembered as a time when personal growth happened in each individual around the world.

16. A Quarantine Love Story

A Quarantine Love Story

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 16

The loudest cheer of ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ along with the banging of the dishes came from the balcony right opposite his,
That’s when he first saw her, cheering away excitedly, hair blowing in the wind, and with an aggressive look as if she dared the virus to harm her and those around her.
He had never believed in ‘love at first sight’ but that day his sight never left hers for those 5 minutes which felt like the best moments of his life so far.
He started visiting the balcony more from then on,
Never before did he have a favorite spot in the house, but now he had found it!
From the morning breakfast, to the evening tea, all were savoured from where he could catch a glimpse of her.
Unfortunately, he wasn’t that lucky as she hardly came out. The one or two times she did, she never turned his way.
He wished there would be some excuse to catch her attention, and then came another task by the beloved PM. The cells in his brain started churning and he came up with a plan.
At 9 pm two days later, he held up LED lights that spelled out ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and cheered the same as loud as he could.
He couldn’t see her, but her following cheers after his were enough to tell him he had caught her attention.
When the lights came back on after 9 minutes, as he’d hoped, she was looking right at him and smiling.
He was prepared! He smiled, waved and held up a placard with his phone number.
She made a face and ran away inside.
He was disheartened but continued his routine of waiting for her in the balcony,
Now whenever she came out, she glimpsed too!
Before he could smile and wave, she would turn and walk away inside.
After few days of this routine, she didn’t walk away after looking at him, but continued standing there in the balcony for a few minutes and then held up a placard which had a number.
He immediately jumped up and clicked a photo but before he put the phone away she was gone!
He saved the number as ‘Dreamgirl’ and sent her a hi. Thus began a chain, first with chats, then with phone calls. For the two of them, the lockdown became a new beginning. The days and nights went by quickly, him telling her how he first saw her, her telling him what took her so long to come around. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, and surely enough they did become each other’s!
When the lockdown ended, they couldn’t wait to finally meet. After a month of balcony eye gazing, long chats and overnight calls, they were going on their first official date.
A year from that ‘first date’ it became their ‘save the date’.
Proving that in a global crisis too, positivity and love can find its way!

17. Self-Discovery


#WritingInLockdown challenge day 17

The rented flat was nothing more than a place to sleep at night for him,
With most of his days spent in office or travelling to various locations across the world for work,
He hardly ever had time to stay in one place for more than two days at a time, even his own house.
One thing he always prided himself on was how easily he adapted to new spaces, without much bother about how it looked or felt,
As long as he had his computer, a good internet connection, his earphones and occasionally a book with him, he had everything he needed.
Things like food, decor, natural surroundings, sunsets, the hustle and bustle of people etc, never mattered to him, neither did he bother to notice them.
Having always moved around-the-clock, the lockdown was for him more than just about staying indoors,
It meant a pause, it meant life coming to a halt, it meant staying at one place for more than just a few days.
The work continued, but he missed the excitement that came with it.
In the house all day and having no choice but to use it for more than just sleeping,
He began noticing just how beautiful it was,
From the full-sized windows that opened to a spacious balcony garden, to the cosy swing chair and bookshelf next to it,
From the vintage chairs and tea table, to the plush sofa and four poster bed,
Each space became an assigned spot for either, working, reading, working out, having meals, or just basking in the sun,
From someone who never bothered about his surroundings, had now become a man who looked forward to picking a spot for everything.
The rented house finally became a space he loved to spend time in, as he not only did his professional work, but even cooked, cleaned, read books, tended to the plants, watched TV, and had time to connect with friends and family.
Each corner became a loved spot, as he finally came to understand the phrase ‘Home Sweet Home’

18. What About Mental Health?

What About Mental Health?

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 18

While most were picking up on long lost hobbies,
He was worried about losing everything.
While most were learning new things,
He was stressed about giving up old things.
While most were catching up on movies and web shows they’d been wanting to catch up on,
He was worried about his loved ones catching the pandemic.
While most were looking forward to the lockdown being lifted,
He was stressed about the havoc of what would happen if the lockdown ended,
While most used this time to check on their loved ones,
He couldn’t pick up the phone to call or message anyone in fear of what if something bad had happened.
Though the times demanded of him to be positive,
How could he explain that he was getting more and more pessimistic?
For most, this time would pass and life would be back to normal in sometime,
For some, it would never pass and haunt their minds forever.

19. Our Story

Our Story

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 19
*appreciation post*

July 2016, on a Sunday they met,
She a bookworm, him, umm, well.. she didn’t know yet,
Over a cup of coffee and a chocolate milkshake, began their conversation,
Though she was doubtful, thankfully, they did have few likes in common, like Bollywood movies and music, but most of all cricket.
She wasn’t yet sure if she liked him, but she was sure she didn’t dislike him

August 2016 to September 2016, they met again and again,
Over scrumptious meals and hearty desserts,
They found yet another common like, which was their love for food,
She was now sure she liked him, not just because they had common likes,
But he seemed to a have similar thinking and way of life like hers too.
Who else (in the opposite gender) had she met, who could singalong with her the lyrics of 90s Bollywood music, or behave like a child in some situations, and handle with complete maturity a situation which demanded so?

October 2016, the families got involved and agreed to take it ahead,
Things moved quickly from informal meetings to formal ones including ‘meet the parents’,
A date for the engagement was decided, and though she didn’t believe in fairytales, it was a moment she’d remember forever when he got down on one knee as he put on her finger the ring.

October 2016 to January 2017, they were now fiance and fiancee, things moved fast as there was now a wedding date in sight. From shopping together, to spending time with each other and the family, from deciding the design of wedding invitations to making arrangements for the event itself, slowly they got to know those things about each other which weren’t yet revealed.
They call this phase the golden period, and they were surely making the most of it.

February 2017, they were tied together forever through wedlock, it was the happiest day of her life.
She didn’t know what the future held, but she knew with him by her side, it would be alright.
From that July 2016 date of coffee and milkshake, to now April 2020, he turned to be different than expected but not in a bad way.
Though she’s different from him in terms of professional life and passion, he respects her for it and supports her whole heartedly.
She too didn’t care because as long as their personal life choices were similar, did it matter what kind of work they did?

Remember her confusion to define him in the beginning as she didn’t know him well?
It has been 3 and a half years since then, and now words fall short for her to define him and their relationship.
Her confidant, her best friend, her go-to person, her biggest motivator and supporter,
What more could a girl want?
They say the honeymoon period passes after a while, but for them it still continues.

20. Memories


#WritingInLockdown challenge day 20
Never before had she got so much free time,
So she decided to clean up her room,
Along with tidying up, she got to take a walk down the memory lane,
Out came so many old photo albums and clothes.
Long forgotten memories of childhood and teenage made her reminiscence days gone by.
She was sad as well as proud of the way she’d grown from the introvert, shy and geeky girl to now a boss lady who didn’t take nonsense from anyone and spoke her mind.
He had been meaning to clean up his phone and computer since long,
With the lockdown came the free time he was complained of never having.
So he finally went through all the data on all his digital devices.
Hardly did he anticipate opening up Pandora’s Box as he set out to do so.
Old photos, long back written notes, college time projects, presentations of various projects he’d worked on at his jobs so far, everything came up as he slowly either decided keep or discard.
Each file reminded him of his old self, and he ended up either laughing at himself or being proud of his far along he’d come on his personal and professional life.
They’d never got a chance to set up the house properly after moving into it a few months back,
As they now had time on hands, it seemed like the perfect activity to engage in.
They began enthusiastically, but then came the disagreements.
Over what stuff should go where, and whose things should get which space, the couple got to know each other in new light, and came to realise what adjustments and compromise mean in a relationship.
Though it took some time, they finally turned the rented house into their first home together.
They’d lost their daughter a year back. Though they told themselves they’d moved on, the grief was still there.
They didn’t talk about it and never got to the task of cleaning out his room.
With the lockdown, they didn’t have the excuse of their jobs to shun away that task anymore.
As they began to go through their daughter’s books, clothes and toys together, both broke down like never before.
With hugs and by holding on to each other, the grief of losing him finally came out.
A burden lifted off from both their shoulders and hearts, as they grew closer than ever before.
Though many are unhappy about having to stay home, for many the lockdown turned out to be a much needed break and blessing in disguise,
From nostalgia rides, to getting a chance to know each other better,
When and how else would people have got a chance to self-respect or strengthen their bonds?

21. Introverts vs Extroverts

Introverts vs Extroverts

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 21

For the introvert,
This was the best excuse to not go out and stay indoors as much as possible,
When else could the statement, “Hey I want to stay at home rather than come out for a meetup or get together” not be considered rude but wise?
For the freelancer,
This was nothing different than routine,
He had always had the freedom to work from anywhere, the only difference being the meetings with clients now happened virtually rather than face to face.
For the artist,
The home studio was the regular and perfect space for her creative outlet,
So the lockdown didn’t make much of a difference to her routine,
Except the minor hiccup of everyone being home now, rather than just her.
So, when people complained about not being able to go out, or having to stay home all day,
These souls couldn’t quite grasp what the hoopla was so about,
However, what they did miss was having their space and solitude.
So though the lockdown had a different impact on everyone, one thing was common, all hoped for it to pass soon (and of course for good health!!)

22. Book Lovers United

Book Lovers United

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 22
As the world craved to explore the outdoors,
The reader explored it all in a few pages of a book.
As the world wondered what to do each day,
The book lover wondered which book to read for the day.
As the world searched for at least one hobby to engage in,
The bibliophile searched for more than just reading to engage in.
As the world worried about what would happen in the coming days of their lives,
The bookworm worried about what would happen in the coming pages of his current read.
As the world missed travelling across the world while having to sit at home,
The book addict travelled many worlds while getting time to read as he stayed at home.
As most of the world slowly engaged in reading too,
The readers unitedly, smugly thought, “Told you so!”

23. Conversations and Bonding

Conversations and Bonding

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 23

When stepping out and learning wasn’t an option anymore,
Humans learned all they could by staying in.
Finally the technology they’d developed over so many generations was coming to good use,
From TVs to computers, phones and tablets, the devices became their refuge. .
Yes, these helped pass the time, but how much can one activity be engaged in before it becomes boring?
That’s when actual human conversations began,
The forgotten times, the lives lived, the experiences had, were all shared,
From knowledge about history to surviving the tough times in life, from knowing about interesting people they had met to learning about places,
Who knew each person in the house had so much to give?
As the younger generation learned about importance of conversation,
They also acquired some patience and finally without losing temper, passed on their own knowledge about new age devices to the older generation.
Both the young and the old, now had imparted their best to the other. .
Life skills like cooking, cleaning, managing the household and learning to live with basic supplies,
All the things which were thought of as, ‘We don’t need to do it, somebody will do it for us’ became need of the hour.
Gone were the days when having money meant everything.
From the rich to the poor, all were now fighting a common enemy. .
When going out became an unavailable option,
Humans stayed inside and connected with each other, reflected about themselves, saw self growth and became better.
But most importantly they learned to SURVIVE rather than just breathe,
And learned to LIVE, rather than just be

24. Rich & Poor

Rich & Poor 

#WritingInLockdown challenge day 24

Being poor and lesser of knowledge must be the biggest of curse and punishment,
Because why else would you risk going out at such a time?
Either you must be out of money and resources to stay alive anyway, so you’d rather risk your life and think ‘Might as well put myself at risk and spend those days with my family and at my own home’
Or you must be ignorant about the severity of the situation,
As to how you’re putting not only your own self but those you’ll meet or come in contact with too.
If you don’t belong to either of these groups, you must be not only be grateful, but also use this privilege in the best way you can.
How so? By doing what they’re unable to, which is to make use of your richness and knowledge.
In what way? Help those around you in such situations by giving them food, money and even imparting some of that knowledge if you can (while maintaining social distance)
What else? STAY THE HELL AT HOME!!! Because, as they’re saying these days, ‘You’re not stuck at home, you’re safe at home’


I will be uploading the poems written under #WritingInLockdown challenge 2.0 in a separate post once the second phase (and hopefully the last one) ends on 3rd May, 2020.

You can have a look at these (and the upcoming posts I write under this challenge) on the Facebook and Instagram handles of A Rustic Mind too.

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