Wonder Women

When You Have A Zeal To Keep Learning & Reinventing Yourself ~ An Entrepreneur, Artist and Philanthropist Shares Her Story

Ayn Rand said,

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me?” 

In our #WednesdayWisdom blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, today we bring to you a woman who is just as relentless and unstoppable, having achieved success in more than one professional field. Meet, Entrepreneur (Co-founder of ICRAFT and Founder of Soul Tara by Sushma Niraj Sethia), Artist (Founder of Colors of Life by Sushma Niraj Sethia) and Philanthropist (Charter President of Rotary Club of Jodhpur, Padmini & Leading Contributor of Kalam which is a part of Prabha Khaitan Foundation). Sushma’s is a known name and face in the city of Jodhpur; and ‘impeccably dressed, well-spoken, flamboyant, go-getter’ etc are just some of the many adjectives by which she is known. How did she get into so many varied professional as well social work fields, what gives her the motivation to do so and how does she manage time between them all? Let’s find out in her own words.



“I am an Entrepreneur, Artist and a Social Worker. Though I am into multiple professions, the work that gives me most satisfaction is by giving back to the society in whatever capacity I can. I was born and brought up in the City of Dreams, Mumbai. Maybe that explains why I’m constantly striving to fulfill all my personal as well as professional dreams.



We moved to Jodhpur a few years after my marriage and I joined my husband Niraj Sethia in his handicraft business. Soon after this, I started its offshoot, ICRAFT with my sister Sejal, who is now an architect in New York.


Under ICRAFT, we have been designing and supplying home accessories to leading home decor stores in Mumbai, Bangalore and Jodhpur from the last 13 years and now the brand even has its presence on some of the most popular online sites.



I come from a family of prominent jewelers in Mumbai. From a very young age, I have worked actively and learnt about the jewellery trade at my father’s establishments. This, coupled with my zeal for creativity and love for accessories, made me start my own accessories line, SOUL TARA by Sushma Niraj Sethia.


Having already worked with my husband in the furniture line, I had gained practical knowledge about products and supply management too. So, I set off into yet another entrepreneurial journey.


Under my jewellery brand, we’ve held several jewelry exhibitions in Jodhpur, all of which have drawn in a lot of positive reviews and feedback, which has kept me motivated to continue this venture.


I have no formal training but as I mentioned my zeal for creativity and love for colours brings out the artist side of mine. I am blessed with an aesthetic frame of mind. Using my own home as my muse and my space to decorate, I have honed my talent as an artist by creating eclectic works of art which adorn every room of our beautiful new home.


I launched my art professionally with COLOURS OF LIFE Sushma Niraj Sethia on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It makes me proud to say that the Facebook page of this venture got over 15000 followers within a very short span.


From a very early age my parents introduced me to philanthropy. It is a deep-rooted facet of my personality. Hence, being a for social worker runs in my genes as my parents have always believed in giving back to the society and we have learnt the same from them. I’m currently the charter president of Rotary Club of Jodhpur Padmini, an all-womens’ service organisation. Through this role and position, I strive to lead the club to newer heights by taking up ambitious projects with the welfare of society in mind.


A zeal to always keep learning and reinventing myself motivated me to become one of the Ehsaas Women of Jodhpur. Ehsaas is a group of women who support the activities of Prabha Khaitan Foundation and under this, I along with two of my friends, have started Kalam. Kalam is a literary platform to promote literature, art, music and authors and artists. Thanks to Prabha Khaitan Foundation we have been able to bring KALAM to the city of Jodhpur. I’m extremely fond of making new contacts, hence this is a perfect platform for me to learn about new topics and interact with people from varied spheres of life.


My husband is my biggest motivation and he is the best critic I can get to improve my work. He has always encouraged me and still continues to encourage me to give my best in everything I do. He guides me and boosts energy into me whenever I feel lost. From pushing me forward for every venture or every new learning experience and encouraging me to become the charter president of Rotary Padmini, to even pursuing my interest in painting, he has been the guiding force behind it all.


He pushed me to start working and has always been a strong force behind my success. Niraj (my husband) and our three boys (Harsh, Himanshu and Divyansh) are my biggest support system. I’m blessed to have such a positive and encouraging family who support me whole-heartedly, otherwise who can manage so much on their own, right?

My biggest learning has been that,

“No matter what you’re pursuing, if it is something that gives you joy, never stop doing it”


And also,

“As long as you have a few who always support you and your work, you can and will always be able to have a work-life balance.”



To drop in a message to Sushma, or have a look at her varied home décor products, jewellery and paintings, or to inquire and order one or more of these for yourself, follow the links below:

The products of ICRAFT are also available on various online/e-commerce platforms. You can have a look at them or buy them through links below:


Sushma’s philanthropic work has been featured in multiple newspaper articles. You can have a glimpse at these below:

  • Feature in Prabha as Ehsaas Women of The Month: Jodhpur


  • Feature in Delhi Times for philanthropy work done under Kalam


  • Feature in Jaipur Times for philanthropy work done under Kalam
 A glimpse at Sushma’s philanthropic work featured in Jaipur Times
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 A glimpse at Sushma’s philanthropic work featured in Noida Times
  • Feature in a regional newspaper for philanthropy work done under Kalam
A glimpse at Sushma’s philanthropic work featured in a regional newspaper





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