Wonder Women

When You Strive Not To Be Mediocre In Your Work ~ A Set Designer & Founder Of An Interior Designing Venture Shares Her Story

Christophe Lautrette says,

For an artist, there’s nothing better than having the opportunity to create a world that doesn’t- but could- exist.”

In our #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment we present a woman who feels similarly about designing sets and spaces. Meet, Set Decorator & Event Stylist as well as an Interior Designer & Product Stylist, Purva Agarwal. She is the co-founder of Vintage Nutters and founder of Attirail, both of which are Interior Designing and Event Styling ventures. How did Purva get into this creatively exciting field and what gives her the motivation to keep scaling heights in it? Let’s find out in her own words.



“I always wanted to be a set designer since 10th Std. I used to watch movies and get fascinated by the world they created. The beauty of those sets awed the little me so much that I wanted to do that and vowed to myself to create such beautiful spaces and tell stories through such spaces, myself one day.


My ambition in life became being able to tell stories of characters through sets and stories of real people through interior styling. The struggle was managing the long and unpredictable work hours.


Set Design is a very difficult field to be in considering the odd working hours and the kind of environment you have to be in constantly. It was taking a toll on my health. So, I decided to start doing interiors as well.


This has helped me balance my work and home life. The turning point was when I decided to make the shift from sets to interiors with my solo venture, Attirail. My only motivation is to not be mediocre in my work. That is why I constantly push myself and keep moving.


I have done a few films as a Set dresser and numerous Ad films as a Set decorator. Bombay Velvet was the film that helped me move from a set dresser to a set decorator. I was a set dresser in Bombay velvet and after that I became a set decorator. I also co-founded an event styling company called Vintage Nutters with my friend. This venture was active from 2015-2017, but unfortunately, we had to discontinue it due to personal reasons. Attirail is something of my own, that I have created from scratch.


My pop up – ‘Wild Poppies’ was a big milestone for me. The kind of positive response I received through it was a big push and encouraging factor for me. For Attirail and to learn the dos and don’ts of entrepreneurship I even did the Executive Creativity & Cultural Business Programme at IIM-A, which has honed my skills business skills. Being in the top 6 of this course was another confidence booster for me to continue in my entrepreneurial journey through Attirail.


The aim and future plan is to continue taking up challenging projects and assignments in the field of interior styling, designing and decoration. I just want to style more homes, tell more stories and eventually create a store as well for Attirail.


My biggest learning has been that,

“One should never do business with friends”


And also, that,

“Life takes its own course, you just need to keep working and believing that everything happens for a reason.”



To drop in a message to Purva, check out her works as an interior stylist, or check out the products of Attirail shop, and to inquire about her work or hire her for styling your own office, home or event spaces, follow the links below:

Purva did a style story for the Good Homes magazine, India. You can have a look at her styling tips and photos in this feature through the link below:


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