Travel Tales

Travel Reminiscing in Lock Down Venice

In this global and national lockdown, I’m Challenging myself to post and host #15Days15Places and #TravelReminscingInLockdown
Three months of 2020 have gone by and the only travel I’ve done this year is for work or social events. The fact that I haven’t explored a new place this year yet is getting to me. And who knows when I, you or any of us will be able to do that again? It’s a gloomy thought, but instead of focusing on that, I thought of reminiscing about one of the best travel experiences I’ve had so far in my life.

Anyone who knows me (or follows my work), knows my obsession with the city of Venice. So is it even a surprise that it’s the first one in my #15Days15Places (self) challenge?

Ever since I came across the video of the song ‘Do lafzon ki ye dil ki kahani’, Venice became my honeymoon destination. That song was childhood, then in my jawani came ‘Khuda Jaane’ and I was 100% sure that I’d be honeymooning in Venice. (go look at the videos of these two Bollywood romantic songs and you’ll understand *hopefully *)
So, yes, my honeymoon happened in Venice which was my first visit to this beautiful city, 3 years ago. Post that, I’ve been to the city numerous times last year when I was in Italy for one week. With every visit, the charm never dulled for me,but only increased, because the city has so much natural beauty to offer.
The doodle I’ve (tried to) made here is of the Rialto Bridge in this city of Canals,where on a normal day its impossible to find a decent space to check out the view or to get a photo clicked.
The recent Covid-19 pandemic has hit Italy badly and my heart goes out to this country and city because it will always be special for me. However, call it a blessing in disguise or whatever, but because of no tourists being able to visit Venice, it has slowly regained its natural beauty with the waters of the canals became clearer (because of no plastic and garbage dumping by the tourists) and the fish and dolphins have returned happily to this beautiful city! Amidst the health threat and immense loss to human life and economy, I’m happy about Venice regaining its beauty. All my good wishes and prayers to the wonderful Venetian people and the Italians too. Stay strong, the good people of the world are all praying for you.
Hoping to visit Venice sometime soon again, once this is all over.


So, why did I choose this spot for my doodle? Because besides being iconic, this spot is where I too got a photo clicked, and the special part about it is that, this picture, with Venice canals visible in the background is the one used on the book cover of my debut (paperback) book  ‘The Untold Stories‘. (yes, my love for Venice is quite obsessive).

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