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When You Realize You Need Some ‘Me’ Time Amidst A Busy Work Schedule ~ A Doctor & Paper Artist Shares Her Story

A popular quote goes,

“The presence of the doctor is the beginning of the cure.”

In our #WisdomWednesday post focusing on the #WonderWomen segment we’re proud to present, a woman who is into two such varied professions, both of which bring in physical and mental cure and happiness.  Meet, Dr Ritulika, who despite doing a profession which demands so much of her, chose to pursue another profession. She is a Doctor (Dentist) and a Paper Artist. Besides her own dental clinic, Ritulika also runs a venture by the name of Sandali Creation, via which she sells gorgeous greeting cards with quilling typography and other paper art-pieces. How does she manage time for both these professions and why did she choose getting into paper artistry over and above such a taxing and demanding job as a doctor? Let’s find out in her own words.



I will not say that it was my passion or since childhood I am in it. But working with paper always gave me joy. The artistic and creative possibilities that a piece of paper holds, made me and still makes me excited!


Being a medical student, as with all medicos, till the age of 26 I was busy settling myself and finding my footing in the medical profession. Despite that, everything including study, marriage, motherhood, clinic, etc in life was on track. There was a set routine which involved life between the clinic and the home.


After a certain point I realized that I needed some ‘me’ time in this busy schedule of mine each day. An hour or two everyday, where I could search for myself or rather lose myself. I still remember I had a tough time in deciding what I wanted to do during this ‘me’ time. I focused and tried to find the answer to ‘What is the thing I miss the most?’ and recalled my love for paper. The color and texture of paper had always held some fascination for me.


Meanwhile my husband told me to do the interior decorating of his clinic. In this workspace, he wanted some unique framed wall art. I took that opportunity seriously and it became the turning point for me. I made paper flowers with quilling art and took printouts of it. These became the central attraction of his clinic.


A lot of compliments drew in, which motivated me and finally I was in it full-fledged. The real struggle was to maintain balance between homely duties and my doctor profession, alongside my paper art passion.


But I am blessed with a caring husband and loving kids. So, with a little support from them, everything became easy for me after a while. 


Right now, I proud to say that I am a Paper Artist as well as a Doctor. I design greeting cards with quilling typography. Nature is my inspiration which reflects in my floral designs. I sell my cards both in India and overseas.


Within a short time, I have been able to make my passionate profession, reach and touch the lives of many people across the world. When  people share the photos of my art pieces adoring their homes and workspaces, or when they use my cards to make a special day or occasion even more special, it fills my heart with pride and joy.


And that’s all the drive I need to keep going further in this field.


My ultimate goal is to create a niche for unique designs in this profession, besides of course becoming one of the best and topmost artists in the world of greeting cards. To everyone out there, I just have one learning and message to share, 

Pursue something besides the normal professions like doctor or engineer; something which takes away all your worries about the other profession. And if that brings you joy, never give it up.”



To drop in a message to Ritulika, check out her many gorgeous Paper Artwork pieces, inquire about them or order one or more of her greeting cards for yourself or your loved ones, please follow the links below:



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