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When Art Helps You Remain Calm & Improves Your Productivity ~ A Textile Chemist & Mandala Artist Shares Her Journey

Pablo Picasso said,

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

In our #FridayFeature blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment we bring to you a woman who thinks similarly about art and calls it ‘therapeutic’. Meet, Textile Chemist, Ambica Manepalli who is currently on a break from this profession and is focusing completely on her passion, which is painting and more specifically on mandala art. How did she realize that art is what helps her be more productive and when did she fall in love with the mandala form of art? Let’s find out in her own words.



“There was no particular moment that got me into it as I had a passion for art right from a very young age but could not continue because of my studies. After getting a full-time job, I started having more free time and got back to painting as a hobby.  


The turning point for finding my love for mandala artwork. I came across it while browsing through Instagram for inspirations. I decided to give it a try and totally fell in love with it and haven’t stopped drawing mandalas since then. I even started a separate Instagram account to showcase my artworks and have received tremendous love from people all around the world!


My page completes one year in May this year and I am really grateful to everyone who motivates me to create better each time!  


The biggest struggle and challenge in mandala artwork is the lack of knowledge and appreciation around it. I think mandala art is not known to a lot of people. It is made up of a lot of intricate details and takes a lot of time to be drawn. Only a person who has an eye for details, appreciates the efforts a mandala artist puts in and is ready to pay for it. The challenge for a mandala artist is to create their own unique style since most of the patterns used are repetitive.


My motivation is my surrounding and my loved ones. A lot of things around motivate me to draw. I started my page to showcase my artworks and when I look back, I get inspired to draw even better. I also get inspired by so many creative artists on Instagram and especially my family & friends who support me constantly.


The journey as an artist so far has been immensely gratifying as in a short time I have managed to achieve more than I anticipated. I am a co-illustrator for two adult coloring books: ‘Blossoms- an Art Therapy’ and ‘Enchanted- A Magical Art book’.


I also participated in my first ever art exhibition in Oct 2018 which turned out to be a success and a great confidence booster.


My learning in this journey has been of self-discovery more than anything else.


I realized that drawing mandalas is therapeutic and helps me to remain calm, away from all the chaos. It keeps me focused and improves my productivity as well.


My advice to all aspiring artists is,

“To practice regularly, no matter what type of medium or style you work on and just enjoy the process!”


And also,

“It is really important to stay focused and not forget the main reason you started to draw.”



To drop in a message to Ambica, check out and follow her artwork projects and pieces, or to inquire/buy one of her amazing artwork pieces for yourself, follow the links below:

Other professional/personal social media handles:


Buying details of the adult painting books in which Ambica contributed as a co-illustrator

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