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A Companion For My Travel Companions

As a freelance writer, I just cannot walk out of the house without my cellphone, laptop and iPad. At least one of these devices is always with me. Why? Because I’m never sure when I would get hit by a sudden bout of inspiration and a great story idea pops up in my head. So with these essential writing tools on me, I always have a device where I can note down my spur-of-the-moment ideas. Even when I’m travelling (either for leisure or for work) via car, train or flight, either my laptop or my iPad is always with me. As I always proudly say, my work travels with me, I can only boast about that because of these essential three work tools; which I am pretty sure are the essentials of any freelancer.

My work tools aka my laptop, my iPad and my cellphone

However, carrying these (laptop and iPad) in a backpack isn’t always the most convenient or safe. It becomes heavy on my shoulders and if I carry them in any other way, it damages the devices. This especially becomes a problem when I need to step out for a work meeting. Hence, for my ease and for their protection, I was looking for a good laptop cover/sleeve since long. Ideally I was looking for something which would fit both the devices in a single product. So, when I came across the Pinaken website, not only was I wowed by their ethic and colourful designs, I was most impressed by the size of their laptop sleeves.

Pinaken webiste
The colorful website (homepage) of Pinaken

It was perfect to fit both my devices! And also, had a separate zipper compartment which could easily fit the chargers of both the devices.

Pinaken laptop sleeves page
Ample design options of colourful laptop sleeves on Pinaken


Laptop sleeve size

The sleeve I chose for my work tools. Thanks to the 13 inches width, both my laptop and iPad fit in easily in the same sleeve


I finally have a companion for my travel companions. What’s more? It’s a companion which looks good!

The gorgeous sleeve I bought from Pinaken
Both laptop and iPad fit in easily
The backside zipper which I use for putting in the iPad and laptop charger

For such a price (just 899), its almost too good to be true, right?


You can check out this sleeve (ample other design options available), and other chic stationery products through the Pinaken website social media platforms below:

Their products are available in quite a few stores offline as well. Do check out their social media handles for details on those.


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