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When Art Becomes a Turning Point in Your Life ~A Mandala & Tanjore Painting Artist Shares Her Story

José Argüelles said,

“Making a mandala is a universal activity, a self-integrating ritual.”

In our #FridayFeature blog on the #WonderWomen segment, we bring to you a woman who feels this way about mandala art. Meet, Madhusuja.S, a Mandala and a Tanjore Painting Artist. Madhusuja considers art and mandala making to be her solace and has now turned it into a profession. What made her realize her love for painting and how did she chance about mandala as a source of solace? Let’s find out in her own words.



“I’m a Mandala and Tanjore Painting Artist by profession and passion. I had always been passionate about Art since early childhood. Today, I’m proud and happy to be one of the few people who have successfully turned their hobby into something that also brings in the money.However, it wasn’t easy. In fact, even today the biggest struggle and challenge is monetizing my artwork.


The problem with artistic work is that people do not understand the value of the time and effort put in by an artist in that single piece of art they like and intend to buy. The minute an artist quotes the price of a painting or any artwork, most people fall back on their words and buying decision. I’ve somewhat managed to overcome this hurdle as most of my clients now understand the quality, they get from my art. However, with most new people this is still a challenge.


My introduction to the Mandala artform is a turning point in my art journey. Also, starting my Instagram page was another huge turning point. The motivation and encouragement I received there really helped me grow as an artist.I get my inspiration and motivation through my Instagram page.


The appreciation received here is the ultimate prize for the hard work in out into each art piece. Shipping my artwork to people who value and love it is a total pleasure.


It has been an amazing one-and-a-half-year journey as a mandala artist. Being recognized as an Artist is itself a milestone. Winning the Louie Philip Africa design contest was an amazing experience in this journey. My Mandala workshops are going at a good pace. Moving further on I would want to do more on making it as a career.


I want to conduct more workshops at different towns and cities specially to spread this art form. Yes, I wish to reach more like-minded people through my page and help work for a cause.


My biggest learning has been that

“Art teaches you Patience.”

 I have learnt a lot about this art and more about other forms of art through Instagram.


By being an artist I have realized that one must wholly love what they do and enjoy it.



“Don’t look down on other artists, we all were beginners once. So, respect all and never ever let anyone dull your sparkle.”



To drop in a message to Madhusuja, check out her amazing artworks, and inquire about or buy one or more of her amazing pieces, follow the links below:

Madhusuja’s journey as an artist has been featured on other online platforms too. You check these out by following link below:





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