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Time for A Change ~ Tough Times Call For Tough Choices

Jane Goodall says,


In the wake of the wide-spreading and deathly corona virus, and other dire news about loss of human life and environmental imbalance that we come across everyday, it seems (to me at least) that the time has come to pause and think about every action and conscious choice that we make.

The biggest decision here is about the resources and kind of living conditions we and the coming generation will have to live in. The rising temperatures, the lack of supply of proper resources, and the level of hazardous gases we’re inhaling in everyday, are enough warning signals that the coming years are going to be tough on all.

Hence, is it a good decision to leave behind the coming generation in a world where surviving would be a struggle? I think that’s something we all need to think about before bringing a child into this world.

Along these line of thoughts, I shared my views in a recent article published in Midday.

Midday article

Midday article Manali thoughts

Midday M&M

I believe that rather than bringing a new life into a slowly deteriorating world, why not make the life of someone who is already out there, a better one?

What are your thoughts on the same? Would you like to leave behind your offspring in a world where breathing and surviving would be a struggle?

This and much more are highlighted in last Sunday’s article in Midday where a lot of couples (including one of my favorite actors, Atul Kulkarni) have voiced their concerns about this issue. You can go through the full article through link below:

I would like to thank Jane Borges for writing on such a burning topic which needs to be addressed and spread around. Here’s hoping it makes a difference, even if just a small one.

I have been a crusader of spreading awareness about environmental imbalance through my writings since long.

TSS microtale environmental imbalance

In fact a few of the microtales from my recently published book The Untold Stories also circle around this issue. Here is a glimpse at one of them.

TUS environmental imbalance microtale

For more of such microtales around contemporary issues, you can find the buying details of my book The Untold stories, through the below link:

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