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When You Have A Passion To Express Through Your Creativity ~ The Founder and Creative Director of A Home Decor Brand Shares Her Story

Alexandra Chong says to creative women entrepreneurs,

Build something you’re passionate about. As an entrepreneur, you have to have the passion and drive to stay the course.”

In our #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we present someone whose passion for design made her a successful creative entrepreneur today. Meet, Pooja Johry, who is the Founder & Creative Director of Inside Out Innovative Designs, which is a home décor brand. Besides a strong online presence, Pooja’s venture (and brand) even has a flagship store at the posh locality of Pali Naka, Bandra West, in the city known for its creative appreciation, Mumbai. How did Pooja start with this venture and what gives her the motivation to keep it going and growing? Let’s find out in her own words.



What got me into this is my passion to create and express through my designs. A strong belief that our environment and what we see around us, impacts our inner world led me to pursue a professional journey which reflected on this principle.


The struggle was making a professional mark alongside figuring out the personal life dos and don’ts in the ‘city of dreams’. I hail from Delhi so understanding the nuances of Mumbai’s urban market and its customers took time and understanding. Also, setting up my own brand single-handedly with no prior experience or formal education in the same proved to be a challenge.


In the same year that I started my brand (2016), the government called for demonetization and the following year GST was introduced.


These required several adjustments in an unstable economy, right from pricing of the products to the expenses involved in every small to big tasks like buying of raw materials and promotional activities.


Through it all, I have learnt and grown; and as I’m a little experienced now, currently I am looking for like- minded people to partner with to give my business a boost.The turning point was making a strong offline presence besides just our online platforms. In 2017, a year after starting my brand, I opened my first brick and mortar store in the heart of Mumbai, Bandra West.


Since this was a new brand, the store helped people get introduced to the innovative products as well as the concept and vibe of the brand. Since we sell unique personalized products and even customize products based on individual customer’s requirements, the store helped in introducing that offering to people.


At Inside Out Innovative Designs, we offer a vast array of quirky products like wall art, badges, coasters, fridge magnets, bag tags, passport covers, mugs and stationery like magnetic bookmarks, greeting cards, journals and notepads.


We also specialise in hand crafted home décor products like dream catchers, vibrant key chains, fragrant potpourri and hand poured candles in your favourite fragrances and for all your moods.


My creative passion is my biggest motivation. I follow my heart and believe in elevating the vibe of a place through quirky, heartfelt and personalized designs. Customer response and feedback on our products as well as their stories of how imminent our products become in their lives fuels the drive to grow.


It has been a great journey of self-growth as well as growth of the business/brand so far. It’s been 2.5 years since I opened my first store and the response to all the product lines has been great. We are attracting more and more new customers each day and the customer recall rate is also good. In the next few months, I plan on creating more brand awareness and generating more sales through online, corporate and offline sources. Also, I look forward to growing from a one- woman army to partnering with like- minded people to give my business a boost.


 My learning has been that one needs to

“Keep working even when the task looks impossible to achieve and to look at the larger picture when the turmoil of the day looks big.”


And that,

“Each little thing matters, every single day matters.”


But for it all to happen, what matters the most is,

“To believe; with all your heart that sooner or later, you’ll crack it.”



To drop in a message to Pooja, have a look at the wide variety of innovative and quirky products she designs and sells through her brand, and to inquire or buy one or more of her products, follow the links below:

If in Mumbai, do drop into their cutesy store to check out the products on display (we guarantee you’ll end up buying at least a couple) at the below address:

  • Shop No.1, Dunhill Dome, St. John Road, Pali Naka,, Bandra (W), Mumbai- 400050, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Working hours: 1pm-8pm (except Sundays)

Phone number: +91- 9999279794

Inside Out Innovative Designs has been featured on LBB, Mumbai and Things 2 Do in Mumbai, too. You can go through their features at the below links:



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