Author Interview with Ibtesam Rahman

Orson Scott says,

“Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.”

Maybe it’s these observations skills of mine that made me who I am today. Right from childhood, I have been more of a listener than a talker and hence my opinions have always been strong. These were fine tuned because of my love for language and reading.

Yes, it took lot of working towards the goal of becoming a writer, and it wasn’t an easy accomplishment, but I finally did manage it! From 2011, I have been into content writing and from 2018 to today, I have now become a published author (of four books) as well.


This title and achievement comes with its own share of responsibilities and limelight. So far, I believe I have been able to pass on my baton of wisdom about reading and writing through various events and interviews too.

Ayesha intreview

In this blog, I’ll be sharing another one of the interviews I did with an enthusiastic reader and writer, Ibtesam Rahman. I came in touch with her after the release of my first book A Rustic Mind when I approached her to read and share her thoughts on it. She’s a warm-hearted and lovely girl who is easy to talk to. Hence, when my second book, The Untold Stories came out, she was one of the first reviewers I approached. Here’s a glimpse at her reviews on both my books (A Rustic Mind & The Untold Stories)

Ibtesam ARM review

Ibtesam book review

Post reviewing both these books, she asked me if I would be open to doing an author interview with her and I immediately said yes without a second thought. Here are glimpses of the conversation I had with her.

Ibtesam interview q1


Ibtesam interview q2

Ibtesam interview q3

Ibtesam interview q4

Ibtesam interview q5

Ibtesam interview q6


You can read the full interview on Ibtesam’s Instagram profile

You can go through her review on A Rustic Mind here

You can go through her review on The Untold Stories here 

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