An Hour of Teaching & Learning

Last Thursday, I was invited at my Alma Mater Lourdes Convent High School, Surat, for conducting a reading and creative writing session with their students.

Lourdes event poster

The school has a Literary Club, which engages in book discussions and other bookish activities. I conducted my session with the 40 (active and enthusiastic) girls of this club. Since they already love books and reading, it was easy for me to connect with them about my books.

Literary club members

I did a small reading activity with the girls, where in they picked up chits of microtale titles (from my book The Untold Stories), enacted the title for the other girls to guess and then read out that microtale from my book. It was an engaging session as the girls tried their hands at enacting and then reading, while the other girls guessed the names of the various titles.

Glimpses at reading and writing activity

I also did a creative writing session, where they had to pick up chits with writing prompts for microtales. This was an inspiring session for me as well, because the girls are so talented that some of them ended up writing microtales even better than me.

For both the activities, 3 winners were declared and were given handmade bookmarks (from Bookish Troupe) as a prize.

Lourdes event winner

It was truly a ‘life coming full circle’ experience to be able to teach at an institute which taught me to read and write. I am grateful to the admin and teaching staff for giving me this chance and am also thankful to the girls of the Literary Club for their enthusiastic participation.

LCHS event summary


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