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When Nature Inspires Your Creative Side ~ The Founder of A Sustainable Handmade Jewelry Venture Shares Her Story

Alex Trebek says,

“If you can’t be in awe of Mother Nature, there’s something wrong with you.”

In our #FridayFeature blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we’re proud to present a woman who pursued an extra profession alongside a regular job, because of the inspiration she drew from nature. Meet, Paulomi Debnath, who is a Senior Buyer at M&IW (Global hotel & venue procurement|Expert in Luxury Hotels sales) and is also the founder of a sustainable handmade jewellery venture by the name of Handmade by Tinni. What made her plunge into jewellery designing despite having a job she loved, and from where does draw the motivation to continue both these professional pursuits, that too so efficiently? Let’s find out in her own words.



“I truly believe in the quote that, “It’s never too late to set another goal or to dream a NEW DREAM!” I love color, I love unique jewelries and I love travelling. 


I have traveled to some amazing places across the world. The more I traveled, the more I was reveled by nature. Coming from a rich culture like India, it was somewhat imbibed in me.


Nature has always intrigued me. There is so much you can do with nature, and it didn’t take me long to realise that handcrafted jewellery was one such thing which I thought of when I dreamt of capturing nature in my own way.


I wanted to create jewellery that was locally made, sustainable, respectful of our natural resources and responsible towards the environment – and at the same time, would be colourful, vibrant and unique. 


When my dream merged with my love for nature and passion for jewelleries, things began to change and Handmade by Tinni was born. Nature and colour make you look beautiful like no other!


I don’t like to use the word ‘struggle’, and I learnt that from my mother. I would rather use the word “Challenge”. That way I know I have to overcome it. I think I have learnt very early on what I didn’t want from life; and that also acted as a catalyst for me in starting Handmade by Tinni. 


It has been a challenge – being a Senior Buyer at an internationally renowned ‘Strategic Meeting Management Company’, a wife and a mother of a 9-year-old boy (who always keeps me on my toes), you need to learn balancing a busy work & social life and multitasking. But with considerable support from my family, I always have been able to overcome that. When it comes to living my dream, I don’t want to resign into a life of missed callings and dreams. So, I ended up following the quote, “Do more of what makes you happy!”


When you have a dream, your “want to” turns into your “have to”. But if you ask about a turning point, I would say it was a very offhand attempt to make some pieces of jewelry for a craft fair, which kicked this off. I was totally blown away by the response I received. And then there was no looking back.


The journey so far has been both overwhelming and heart-warming. I have some amazing responses on my Instagram and Etsy pages, appearing multiple time under ‘top searches’ under popular #hashtag categories. I have also been accepted as a handmade jewellery designer on ‘Urban Makers UK’. Urban Makers UK is a very coveted online platform for niche designers and getting through their screening process was both remarkable and encouraging.One of my designs has also been featured by Windy Chien because it was inspired by one of her knots.My collection has also featured in top craft fairs in London like ‘Craft & Flea’, ‘Crafty Nolo’ and ‘Woodford Craft Market. I will be presenting my collection at the above craft fairs as well as at ‘Local Makers Market’ in the coming months in London.My future plan is to spot rich opportunities and reach as many wonderful women as I can. I would also like to imbibe more and more colors to my creation, thus staying true to the ethos of my creation. 

Jewelry designing is such a unique art form that you have the opportunity to remain a student all your life. I love experimenting with different materials keeping sustainability at the heart of all my designs. Be it 100% biodegradable cotton rope or colorful yarns or my mum’s old saree or my boy’s old jeans, I am here to transform and make something beautiful and wearable out of it. 


I could not have done this without the quiet but tremendous support from my best friend, my solid rock, my honest critique and my love, my husband, Mr. Avik Biswas. My mother, Ms Sibani Debnath will always remain my idol and my biggest inspiration in life. What I am today is all because of her. My sister, Anamika Debnath, who has always been my knowledge bank especially when it comes down to fashion and design related topics. If she approves my designs, that makes me the happiest.

My greatest learning has been that

There is no age or boundaries when you want to learn a craft

Especially in the internet age that we live in currently, there is no stopping if you put your passion and heart in what you create. 

Handmade by Tinni has been a tremendous learning experience. In many ways, it has shaped and defined who I am, and I have been able to push myself beyond my comfort zones in many ways with this venture.

I’ve always been an extremely expressive, colorful, family-oriented and relationship-focused person, and with Handmade by Tinni, it now feels that I am on a path of self-discovery and personal growth.



To drop in a message to Paulomi, have a look at her gorgeous sustainable jewelry, or to inquire about and buy these jewelry items, follow the links below:










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