So Far So Good- A Look at The Book’s Performance

The Untold Stories came out in October, 2019. It’s been 3 months (and a few days) since the book’s release and I thought it’s time to look back and how the book has been received so far.

From friends and family, to fans and followers, my debut (paperback) book in fiction has received quite a lot of love.


In fact, the book has gained popularity (thanks to the tiny illustrations with each microtale in the book) among the kids too. See how adorable they look with the book.


Here’s a look at some of the best reviews of the book so far!







One of my top favorite reviews of the book is this video review done by Nidhi Kaushik where she explains why writing microtales requires extra skill and care.

Check out this review below:


Did these reviews peak your interest in reading the book too? Then here are the buying details of The Untold Stories:

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