Wonder Women

When Establishing Own Identity Becomes A Priority ~ A Teacher, Baker & Philanthropist Shares Her Journey

Pablo Picasso said,

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.’ 

In our today’s #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we are proud to present a woman who has not one but multiple gifts and serves her purpose too by giving them all away. Meet, Aarti Sehgal, who is a teacher, a baker and a philanthropist. But rather than these titles she prefers being called a good mother and a homemaker. She has been a pre-primary teacher in a reputed school since many years and she is also the founder of a home-based desserts venture called Confetti. Besides these professions, through her other venture Mumbai Stray Stories, she takes care of sick and weak stray dogs in her locality. How does she manage time between these multiple work responsibilities and even then, manage to be a great homemaker too? Let’s find out in her own words.



“It was my passion for teaching and the power that comes with it to mould young minds, which led me to become a teacher. Besides this, the other motivating factor was that this was one of the only few professions which allowed me to maintain a home- work life balance.


As a young wife and then a mother, the struggle was to keep everyone happy. It was not an easy task, especially in a joint family. There was the constant stress of children’s education and well care and also of course the societal pressures along with a commitment to career; all these and many other aspects needed to be taken care of simultaneously.


The turning point came when my children turned adults. Once they had grown up and were sensible enough to handle things on their own, I realized they would be busy with their responsibilities and individual lives. My whole life that revolved around them would be standstill. Hence, I needed to establish my own identity and assert my individuality.


That’s when Confetti came into being. Baking cookies and other confections, including Indian sweets and desserts, to satiate my children’s hunger became a profession rather a necessity. I started a home venture for desserts through Confetti. Right now, this venture though is just like my third child, still taking baby steps and we have only a few items on the menu currently. But just like my two other children, I would love for this to grow, so I’m looking forward to expanding it and by God’s grace and blessings, along with focus and hard work, I’m hoping to make it reach as many people as possible.


As for Mumbai Stray Stories, that happened when walking through our locality, I realized everyday that the little ones of other species too needed taking care of. So, along with my son, I started taking care of the stray dogs in our building, especially those that were weak and needed attention. From taking them to regular vet check-ups and feeding them their medicines on time, and from changing their dressing to making sure they have clean areas to roam in, we do as much as we can for these animals. Our page Mumbai Stray Stories keeps everyone updated about the cases we are working on.


I draw motivation from success stories of many women who were and are in similar situation as me. The future plan is to expand Confetti and grow along with it. Right now, we only have handful of desserts, but would love to provide more under the brand.


My biggest learning has been that life is not a bed of roses and that

“To be successful in life one has to go through a lot of struggles. However, the fruits of hard work are always sweet.”


I wish to convey to all women to try to be financially independent.

“A calm and focused attitude is very important, and one should never take life for granted.”



To drop in a message to Aarti, look at, inquire about or to order one of her delicious desserts available through Confetti, follow the links below:

In case you’re a dog lover, check out Aarti and her son’s work (on protection and well care of stray dogs) by following the link below:








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