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Of Childhood Memories, Christmas Feelings & New Year Resolutions

Mason Cooley says,

Reading gives us someplace to go when we must stay where we are.”

The year 2019 had been kind to me professionally.  Besides getting three back to back books published under my name, I managed to check off another one from my writing wishlist. Towards the end of the year, I was able to fulfill an ambition I had wanted to accomplish since the time I became a professional and published writer; which is writing a regular column for a newspaper or a magazine. And few months back this actually came to fruition.

I’m immensely grateful to LitGleam magazine for getting this ambition of mine fulfilled. I have been a part of their talented and creative group of writers since November 2019.

Litgleam team
Immensely proud to be a part of 

So far I have written four short stories for their November, December, January and February issues, respectively.

Three out of these four issues are already out and so are my short stories in them!

Here’s a little glimpse at the covers of each of these issues:

LitGleam November cover
Litgleam’s November edition
LitGleam Decmeber cover
LitGleam’s December edition
Litgleam’s January edition

They look amazing, right?

My story from their November issue captures childhood nostalgia and memories through a story titled ‘My Favorite Class’

litgleam november story from print magazine
A glimpse at my story (My Favorite Class) from Litgleam’s November print issue

In their December issue, I wrote a Christmas story titled ‘Secret Santa’ which talks about this festive season’s celebrations in a corporate setting.

Litgleam december print magazine
A glimpse at my story (Secret Santa) from Litgleam’s December print issue

For their January issue, I penned a story around new year resolutions and how we all fail to follow them.

Would you like to read these stories? Then I have some great news!

You can buy their digital subscription using my reference. A yearly digital subscription actually costs INR 480. But since you guys have been true followers of my work, you can  can avail a whopping discount of 80% , which means the subscription will cost you just INR 96/- (super-duper cheap, right?)

This is the link for their yearly digital subscription

Please enter the code: MAN80 before checking out.

So you not only end up saving a whole lot of money but even get monthly access to some awesome literary content including poems, book reviews, celebrity features, columns by well-known authors on varied topics, and of course a new short story by yours dearest (me) too!

They also have a print edition, so if you’re one of those who prefer print over paper, buy their latest issue through the link below (it is priced at just 75 INR!!) :

The stories from November and December are now also uploaded on their website, so you can even go ahead and read them there (for free!!)

Read both these stories through the links provided below:

Litgleam november story website
A glimpse at my story (My Favorite Class) now available on the Litgleam website


Litgleam december story website
A glimpse at my story (Secret Santa) now available on the Litgleam website

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