Inspiring The Young & Developing Minds

Samar Mubarakmand, says

“Wherever you go and whatever ends you pursue, you must always fulfill the trust reposed in you by your nation, your parents and your alma mater”

For any adult, their childhood days are always the most memorable and best days of their lives. The same goes for me too! I believe in gratitude and in giving back to those who helped me reach where I am today. I grew up in a small city called Surat which is situated in the state of Gujarat in India. It was through my two schools and the only library in the city back then that I grew up loving the English language and then developing the hobby of reading books. This laid the foundation for my writing and today thanks to that love and hobby I have gone on to become a published author of four books. Hence, when I recently visited my hometown, I did something I had been meaning to do since the time I became a published author. I gifted a copy of each of my books to each of these institutes!


Me gifting my books to Narmad Library (biggest library in Surat), my two schools SDRUM School and Lourdes Convent High School)

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to be able to share my journey with others, learn from it, and more so not repeat the mistakes I made. Hence, when an institute in my city asked me to share this with young minds, I jumped at the opportunity. Presidency School in Surat asked me to talk to their students about how I reached where I am in my professional life right now.

Presidency event poster
Poster for my Reading and Q&A session with the students of Presidency School

So this event happened on 20th January, 2020 and I couldn’t be more humbled and proud. The event and the place where it happened was even more special because this institute happens to be the place where my mother has been a teacher from the past 23 years.

Seeing her listening to my speech, and clapping for my words as a member of the audience, was the proudest moment for me as her child.

Ms. Deepika Shukla, the Principal of this prestigious school, was full of praises for me and my achievements. In her introduction, she said,

“Manali is like my own daughter and her success as a writer and author brings me immense pride.” 

Listening to such an introduction, I was humbled and maybe that’s what led to my speech and the entire event being a success. Sharing my life story, my many misgivings and failures, what I learnt from these, and how I found my calling as a writer, gave me immense fulfillment of inspiring so many young and developing minds.

Presidency event 3
Me sharing my journey with the young minds and future of the nation, students of Presidency School

Their responses to my questions, and their active participation in the small activity I conducted at the end of my speech, was indicative of my words making an impact on their minds. After the speech and the event ended, many of them came and thanked me for my advice and even gave me compliments on how wonderful my speech was.

Presidency event 2
Me sharing my journey with the young minds and future of the nation, students of Presidency School

I knew right then that my purpose was served as I thought to myself, “If my work can bring about a positive change in even one student or person’s life, I think I have made it as a successful and inspiring person in this lifetime.”

Presidency event 1
Me sharing my journey with the young minds and future of the nation, students of Presidency School

I take this opportunity to thank all teachers and students of this institute, and especially Ms. Deepika Shukla madam for giving me this opportunity. It was a pleasure becoming a source of guidance and inspiration to and for the coming generation. It was also very gratifying and emotional to be received and felicitated as a guest by my mother.

Handing bouquet
My mother, Surabhi Naik, and the Principal of Presidency School, Ms Deepika Shukla madam felicitating me with a bouquet for being a guest of honour at their school


You can know more about my books through the below link:

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