Wonder Women

When You Find Your Calling Amidst A Busy Life ~ A Mosaicist Shares Her Story

Thomas Merton, said,

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

In our today’s #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WomderWomen segment, we present a woman who did just that; she found herself and her calling by losing herself in the artwork. Meet, Art Enthusiast & Mosaicist, Sheena Talwar, who quit her senior-level corporate job to pursue her love for mosaic art. What made her love for art become a full-time profession and how did she draw the courage to quit a successful corporate career? Let’s find out in her own words.



“I was a satisfied as well as successful career woman. There’s no sob story of being unhappy at my desk job or in the corporate world. After thoroughly enjoying my 10 years successful stint with IBM, where I managed multiple roles in Operations , Human Resources & Corporate Functions  I found my calling in Fine Arts.


You can say that I finally discovered my life’s purpose through my love for art, which never wavered even during my upward climb in the corporate ladder. I decided to not just hold on but let this love grow and hence I drew the courage to quit my job and go into artwork full-time. I’m glad I took that plunge because thanks to that courage, I am now an Entrepreneur and manage my work from my Studio at Delhi.


So far, I’m proud to say that it has been a great run, as I have been associated with varied National and International Forums on Mosaic Art. I have even conducted multiple Solo and Group workshops related to mosaic art. My work in this field has received immense appreciation and recognition too, wherein I have displayed my work in art exhibitions held at Delhi like All India Fine Arts and crafts society AIFACS.


The main struggle, even today, is about getting the work done when it comes to mosaic art. Comparatively, this work is still unrecognized and new in our country. Hence, unlike other art forms getting the tools and material has always been a challenge in India.


The turning point was when slowly everyone started to recognize my work. When I started my journey in arts it was as hobby, but once people started liking and appreciating my work, I went commercial.


I draw my motivation from my better half who has been my biggest strength and supporter. He always encouraged me to start practicing my art professionally, and it was this which finally led to my studio.


The journey so far has been truly amazing. It’s been 3 successful years with Mosaics. My proud moment was when I got the opportunity to make an Air Force Insignia which hangs in their Units museum till date. I have lot of plans to spread awareness on the art form in India and plan to take workshops in different parts of India.


My major learning is to

“Never fear to try anything new at any point of time.”





To drop in a message to Sheena, check out her amazing mosaic art work, and to inquire about or buy these artwork pieces, follow the links below:


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