Wonder Women

When Ambition Takes You Into Varied Professions ~ A Course Instructor & Published Author Shares Her Story

In the movie Paa, Vidya Balan says,

“Becoming a mother changes your life for the better. I am saying this out of personal experience.”

In our #FridayFeature blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we present a similar woman. Listening to her story immediately made me think of Vidya’s character from Paa and this dialogue from the movie. Meet, Course Instructor cum Master Trainer at SIP abacus academy, and now also a published writer with two anthologies under her name, Nidhi Kaushik. What’s her story and how does draw inspiration for her varied fields of work through her son? Let’s find out in her own words.



Becoming a mother is what changed me completely. This quote by Drew Barrymore perfectly defines motherhood that, “My favorite thing about being a mom is just what a better person it makes you on a daily basis” because I have experienced this firsthand. I never wanted to be a teacher as I was too ambitious for such a profession. Hence, I always dreamt about starting something of own. To achieve this dream, I worked at Johnson & Johnson for two years, as I was a medical student. But after marriage everything changed and I changed my profession too, from being a chemist I became a teacher.


I even went on to complete my MBA and B.Ed after marriage and thought of teaching in school. But irony is that I never joined any school though I cracked many interviews, because I was not mentally prepared for it.


With the birth of son, the choice of becoming a schoolteacher seemed unfeasible. But being someone who had started working right from the age of 19, I had never stayed home for so long and that too taking care of a kid alone. Hence, I started getting bored and irritated, so I began taking tuition classes at my home.


The turning point of my life was the year 2012. I can surely that it was the worst year of my life as I lost my first baby in womb due to a miscarriage. Post this tragedy, I was gradually leading towards depression and even started getting suicidal thoughts. During this time, a friend suggested to me that I should try reading and so began my foray into the world of words.


Reading not only saved me but even lead to my own humble beginnings as a writer myself, which have now been realized professionally too. I have edited one book for an author, and two published anthologies under my name. In fact, two more are now on the way too! These achievements have surely been motivating and proud worthy for keeping me on track of my writing career and journey.


My biggest motivation is my son.  When I see his face, I realize that I want to be his role model, so that he won’t need to search for motivation outside his home. My husband too has been a great supporter and motivator, as never doubt my abilities and never even question my decisions.


I don’t feel I have achieved anything as such, but it has been a great journey so far, professionally as well as personally. I started working at the age of 19 and have worked in 3 multinational companies, then as an assistant professor in a Management Institute and am currently working as a course instructor at SIP academy and this month only, they promoted me as master trainer. For someone from a small town, that’s a growth curve worthy of appreciation and I do get that lot, which only makes me grateful and even more motivated to keep going!


Other than my job, writing keeps me going. I love to write my thoughts under my pen name @my_diary_reads on Instagram.  Two anthology books of mine – Voice of Hearts and Towers of Inspiration, have already been published. 


My learning has been that

Life is the best teacher and struggles are best examinations

and so far, I’m glad that I almost cleared all the exams so far and I have also learned from my experience that

Kindness, gratitude and hard work are the keys to success. No ego and shortcut will help.

Future plans? Well, for now I am also working on and writing my solo book and hopefully I will be able to get it published by this year end. The long-term plan is to continue doing both my professions with honesty and sincerity, and I’m positive that it will lead to growth in both.



To drop in a message to Nidhi, read her inspirational quotes and poems, follow-up on her upcoming publications or to buy one of her already published anthologies, follow the links below:







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