Wonder Women

A Desk Job Isn’t The Only Career Option ~ A Baker & Baking Coach Shares Her Story

Mary Berry says,

“Cooking and baking is both physical and mental therapy.”

In our today’s #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we’re proud to present a woman who thinks along the same lines about baking. Meet, baker, baking coach and entrepreneur (founder of The Baking Girl), Merina Issac. How does get into this field and how does manage both baking and teaching? Let’s find out in her own words.




“I had a sweet tooth since childhood. Anytime I was upset, people knew my mood would lighten up immediately after having any type of bakes, be it a pastry, a cupcake, a brownie, a piece of chocolate or a slice of cake. It was this love for desserts that made me passionate about baking & decorating cakes since childhood. But this remained just a hobby for a very long time simply because I come from a background of engineers, doctors and MBAs; in short professions which are considered respectful in comparison to a baker or a baking career. Hence, there was less support from family when I decided to pursue baking as a profession. PicsArt_01-13-03.20.22.jpg


The turning point actually came through another career I was pursuing due to family and societal pressure. I used to work as an HR in a company. But this did not work out for me and it was long before I quit this boring desk job.


It was during this career break and figuring-out-what-to-do-with-life phase that I saw some fellow bakers taking classes for the same. That’s when I thought I could also do the same as I always had a passion for baking.


I draw motivation from myself and also from my family. Actually, my main motivation is my need to prove to them (my family) that only private sector jobs cannot make you an independent person and that there are other career options as well.


The journey so far been a roller coaster ride without any safety gears, because without any family support or financial backup, that’s what it felt like to start out on my own.


Nevertheless, I had to put my foot down and hence decided to start my own dessert making classes. Future plans are to open my own institute for baking & decorating cakes. 


My biggest learning has been,

“Not to be dependent on anyone or anything.”

And that

“Every good thing in life, takes time to happen, so don’t give up & keep working for it.”


It has been a year & half since I started out on this journey. Though it was a slow and doubtful start, at this point it has grown so much that now I conduct 50+ courses from basic cake decorating to chocolate making and much more!”



To drop in a message to Merina, to check out her gorgeous bakes, or to inquire/order confectionary items, and/or to register/inquire about her upcoming workshops and cooking/baking classes, follow the links below:








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