A Humble Request

Dear family, friends, followers and fans,

As you might be aware, a few months ago I announced the release of two of my books, The Untold Stories & Ten Tales.

The Untold Stories book cover



While these books are available for purchase on  various online platforms, a few days ago, I received some great news!

Ukiyoto global distribution mail

My publisher informed me that both these titles are now available offline as well, meaning they can be bought from bookstores across the world. While I’m ecstatic (as a child who just received a lifetime free supply of candies!!) on hearing this news, I’m a little sad as well because these titles aren’t yet available in Indian bookstores.

Hence, to all people reading this worldwide (especially those in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Italy and Spain) I have a humble request. I’d love it if you can go check out these two books in bookstores nearby or around you, and click a photo of the books for me.  If you can click a photo of yourself with the books, that would be a plus, and if you end up buying them, that would be cherry on top!

The list of bookstores in each country/region is provided below.

Bookstores in australia 1

Bookstores in australia 2

Bookstores in brazil

Bookstores in uk, germany, poland 2

Bookstores in uk, germany, poland

Bookstores in USA & Canada

Thanks in advance.

Much love & appreciation,


P.S: In case you need a reminder, here’s me with these two books (and my other two published books)


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