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Sweet Romance & Cyber Crime Thrill ~ Book Review on Two Books By A Talented Young Author

Logan Pearsall Smith, says,

“People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.”

In focus for this week’s #ScrutinySunday are two books under our #BookReview section. The first is a cyber crime thriller ‘What Did Tashi Do’ and the other is a romance story mixed with a little of mystery, ‘What Happened to Our Forever’

Fun fact: they’re both written by the same author. So, are these books worth reading?

We share our detailed review on both these books below. Read and find out whether the bibliophile in you would like these or not:

What Did Tashi Do?

This was my first read after ‘The Girl on The Train’ in the crime and thriller genre,and let me tell you, the latter though comes from a relatively new author, by no way pales in comparison. What Tashi goes through, could easily happen to any girl who uses social media without caution; her anguish is written in such a raw manner, that I wanted to get into the book, give her a hug and say, “It’s going to be okay”.

What Did Tashi Do review
Anangsha is definitely an author whose future works I’ll look forward to reading. The only bit I found a little boring (maybe it’s just a ‘me’ thing) was the last few pages when the story takes on a preachy note, but even then the author is only trying to tell us to be cautious when using social media or providing solutions about what to do if we ever find ourselves in such a situation.

Overall, a great read and I recommend to all and sundry, irrespective of whether you’re a reader or not.

What Happened to Our Forever?

Although, admittedly not as gripping as her ‘What Did Tashi Do’ novella, Anangsha manages to keep that ‘What will happen next??’ curiosity maintained. And for a story based around romance, that is quite commendable.

What Happened to Our Forever

The love story in this novella will remind you of your own first love or even crush and though that’s clichéd, what’s different about this book is the ending, which takes you by surprise!

For a seasoned reader (like myself) though, it becomes predictable what might be the mystery or drawback in the love after the first two chapters. However, what does come out as the big reveal does leave the reader shocked and questioning one’s own choices.

Another drawback which I felt was that the characters (unlike the author’s previous book) felt less personal or in-depth. I definitely would have loved to know more about both lead characters.

However, these little glitches can easily be ignored as all in all the book makes for a light and delightful read.

For romance lovers, I’d highly recommend this one!


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P.S: The debut book of this author is a poem compilation titled ‘Stolen Reflections’ which has been in my TBR for long (and despite the fact that I have the paperback in my possession already!!)  and I’ll surely get around to reading it soon! Irrespective of when I read it though, I’m sure I’ll be enthralled.

Here is the buying link to her debut book

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