Wonder Women

There’s Always Time To Follow Your Passion ~ An Engineer Turned Author Shares Her Story

Wanda Sykes, says,

“If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.”

In our today’s #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we’re proud to feature a woman who followed her passion rather than just wishing to bring about a change. Meet, engineer by profession and qualification, and writer by passion, Bhumika Monani. How did she get into a creative field like writing from a technical profession like engineering, and how does she manage both these varied fields of work? Let’s find out in her own words.



“Though I wrote my first poetry at a very young age, (when I was in 11th standard to be precise), it never occurred to me that I can be a writer one day. Writing, back then, and even till just a year back, was just a hobby of sorts. My life had a direction, but there was no proper purpose. I never knew what to do with my life or have a passion or purpose which went beyond the societal expectations of a stable job and career.


Because of this, I just went along with the flow, first by being an ideal student of the science stream, then by pursuing engineering and later even settled for a well-paying job. There was no struggle as such with the engineering bit (besides the normal ones which all students face). But with my writing, the struggle then and now, mostly includes learning how to express yourself (or rather myself) and to write exactly the way story is going around in your (my) mind.


Of course, even if one finesses those skills, there’s the struggle of finding a way to get into publishing industry, making a mark through the first book, dealing with disappointments and so much more, which I was completely unprepared for.


But once I got into, I was unstoppable. Being a writer gave my life a new direction and now here I am, proudly and successfully, gripping it with both the hands.


My college life was my turning point in life. I discovered my passion during those challenging years. Next turning point was my job/professional life where I came out of my comfort zone, managed everything in my life on my own, stumbled frequently, yet learned to get up again each time, and keep going. Again, I did many things wrong only to acknowledge what is right, which made me realize that risk is a necessary devil.


My motivation? The million dreams and ideas in my mind, all of which I want to set sail to; of course, the zeal to fulfill them keeps me going.


Publishing two books has been my biggest milestone and achievement so far. However, I am yet to achieve that level where I am established and a known name and face in the writing industry.


Nonetheless beginnings are always hard, so I’m satisfied that I’ve started off well. In future, I would like to see myself as a successful author who has stirred the souls of people by her stories. 


My biggest learning has been that,

Things don’t work out the way you want but without being disheartened you must adjust with the outcomes and find the good in it.

remember that

“Your story is different from every human being.”

in order to achieve your goals,

“Consistency is the key to success.”

for enjoying life as it comes,

“Live in the moment.”

& remember to

“Capture life in your camera and make memories.”



To drop in a message to Bhumika, or to check out her writings, and to buy her published works, follow the links below:

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